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Domestic Terrorists

You know who the real domestic terrorists are? Mosquitos. A couple of weeks ago I wore my flounciest skirt to work to let my shaved legs enjoy their all-too-brief glory. I had to go to another building and in (no lie) less than a minute I had 8 mosquito bites. One on my right hand, one on my left leg, and the others in various spots on my right leg and ankle. Sunday I was playing Spades when I felt like my arm was on fire. Vigorous rubbing and skin-reddening revealed 5 mosquito bites on my left arm/shoulder and 1 on my right middle finger (the fuck?).

Here is a reenactment of me getting attacked by mosquitos; fast-forward to the 1:30 mark.


Comments on: "Domestic Terrorists" (5)

  1. Mosquitoes are the devil’s sperm.

  2. two got me on my left leg over a week ago…I still have the scar. Don’t they die after they bite you or am I making that up and confusing them with bees? Either way, I hope they all just DIE!!

  3. I woke up with a bite on my elbow that is the size of a half dollar. This is some BULLSHIT.

  4. I got hit on the foot twice yesterday and on my leg this morning. THIS HAS TO END!

    Jaded: That’s bees. I WISH mosquitos would die after 1 bite!

  5. Girl, you are crazy! Just crazy!

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