My existence is a life-long treasure hunt.


Hey guys! I have learned a valueable lesson. When you have events that need pictures, use your own camera. When other people use their cameras, they will use as much CPT possible they will not get your own pictures to you in a timely manner. I have been slowly gathering pics from my birthday blowout weekend and they are coming soon! This was the best birthday I think I have ever had. I’m going back to respond to y’all in the birthday post in just a minute.

Until I get these pictures together, have some linky-doos that have been chilling in my Yahoo Bookmarks forever.

13-year old boy is studying Pre-Med, Math, and Computer Science at Morehouse.

Relaxers are toxic.

Roger Ebert and his wife Chaz are awesome.

What happened to the love and vulnerability in R&B?

Also, I have different playlists for every week-day on my IPOD in my car. Each playlist is named for a color/mood. Tuesdays are Golden Yellow Playlist Day. My Golden Yellow playlist is upbeat pop, R&B, rock, and funk. Here’s a song from this morning; Lenny Kravitz-Take Time. I love the beat to this song:

You can have it if you really want/You can grab it if you have the thought/Feel your power that is deep within/Are you ready, on your mark, begin//(Chorus) We should take time out to really love/We should find out who we really are/We should take time out to really love//Don’t you feel this life’s a big mistake/Don’t you hate the way it’s all so fake/All I wanna do is just be real/And get off of the spinning wheel/All they sell us is a sack of lies/And we’re buying one in every size/Can’t you see it in the children’s eyes/It’s about to get wild//Chorus (repeat til end) You can have it any way you want it//


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