My existence is a life-long treasure hunt.


1. Had 1 rolling suitcase for carry-on, the airplane ran out of room (for BOTH legs of the trip) and I had to check it last minute. They better be glad my shit didn’t get lost or I would have feasted on someone True Blood style.
2. My brother graduated Magna Cum Laude from Howard’s School of Communication. He was the keynote speaker and brought the house down. It was amazing.
3. During the general commencement outdoors (that was at LEAST 3 hrs. long), my other 2 brothers, sister and I got sunburned and witnessed a grown ass 4 year old child sitting in front of us wake up from a nap, start wailing, and piss his pants. The mother tipped the chair-chock-full-o-pee into the grass. If you could have seen the various facial expressions of disgust and horror on our faces…chile…
4. I have much more that happened, but a lot of it is gossip and unsavory bullshyt so I’m just gonna not blog it…mm-hmm. Family, I tell you.
5. Pictures!

My brother giving his speech. Gotta find the video, trust me it was awesome! One thing that stuck with me (besides him stating that they would not be the coons that surround us now on BET and such *still dead*) was him urging his classmates not to be content with graduating but to keep going. Give back, get involved, be a mentor, get active in your community, be financially responsible, etc. He called it the May 10 Movement as in, yeah you graduated today and tomorrow but what will you do May 10? Love it.

Me, my 3 brothers, and sister. Yes again, I am the oldest and the shortest. Shut up.

Always enjoy being with my sister! She’s the youngest of the 5 and I’m the oldest but we’re at the ages now where the age difference (7 years) doesn’t really matter in the scheme of things.

The siblings (minus the graduate) being Kentucky Fried in the sun at the general commencement.

So that makes 3 of us who have finished college, my youngest brother and my sister are on their way! Now I am trying to plan what to do for my birthday, on May 25. Thinking some kind of combination of a beach party and bowling, just to do it big.


Comments on: "DC" (4)


    Looks like you enjoyed your trip despite the chair chock full of pee! LOL

  2. Y’all so cute!!!

    Congratulations to your brother. =D

  3. Congrats to your brother!! Sounds like an awesome young man.

    “tipped the chair-chock-full-o-pee into the grass.” *insert Homer Simpson laugh* Ooh, girl.

  4. congrats to your bro!

    are you and lil sis close?

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