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Some Stuff

Oh yeah the wedding day, April 18th I came down with the beginning of a chest cold. That bitch lasted almost 2 weeks. It was HORRIBLE. You should have heeeearrrrddd my coughs, shit sounded like woe, sins, sea lions, the kraaken, and pleas for help. Crabby was so concerned. There was green mucus y’all. MOTHER F***** GREEN! Nothing helped! Or rather stuff helped, but for like 30 minutes. It just had to work itself out. Crabby made me go to the doctor which I HATE doing for this type of stuff. I knew if it was viral, wunt shit they could do for me. The doctor pretty much said there was an 85% chance it was viral (this was after I had the chest cold for a week. 1 week is my minimum to be sick before I even consider seeing the doctor) but here take these antibiotics anyway. This makes me realize that most people don’t know heads from tails about their own health. I wanted to say BITCH YOU KNOW I DON’T NEED THIS SHIT, throw up gang signs, walk out, and knock over some stuff at the nurse’s station. But I didn’t. THEN she gives me a coupon for $2 off this specific Mucinex brand and said to take that with the antibiotic (mind you I had already told her Mucinex wasn’t really working for me). So you know at this point I had nothing but stone face sandwiches for her. Just -_- for the rest of the visit. So you want me to take these prescription antibiotics for something that’s probably VIRAL so not only will it not help the chest cold, I’m throwing these drugs made from Gawd knows what in my body for no reason. AND you want me to take Mucinex with it that the company is CLEARLY paying you to recommend to me because you don’t just pull coupons out your ass. Ugh. Rant over. But it was turr-bull y’all (Charles Barkeley voice). Then OF COURSE I didn’t fill the prescription nor the Mucinex and the shit cleared up later that week (gradually). Of course. So people please do some research and be your own advocate or have someone go with you to the doctor. K? K.

So I saw Esperanza Spalding in concert April 24th. The venue was not all that but I was pleasantly surprised by her performance. She sounds lovely in person and actually seeing her play the bass and a guitar while singing was awesome. She’s also funny and charming, inserting little witty comments in between songs. During one song, the lights on the stage went out (I still don’t know if they planned this or if something went wrong) and homegirl did not interrupt her song at all. You couldn’t see her but you heard the song, her instruments, the band instruments, and her voice without missing a beat. The aforementioned chest cold almost fucked my life up at the concert but Crabby saved the night (or delayed it) by getting me some ice-water. Esperanza debuted several new songs for us and I most likely will get her new album when it comes out this August.

Track Listing:
*Smile (I believe this one is new?) Crabby and I really liked this one
*I Know You Know (SO glad I got to hear this live, sounded awesome!)
*Cinnamon (a brand new song that Esperanza said she wrote for a friend of hers who was going through a tough time in law school)
*Morning (another brand new song that Esperanza said she was embarrassed to tell us the meaning behind it so she wouldn’t. The crowd laughed and whispered and she cut in and said “And don’t speculate either!”)
*Look No Further
*She Got To You
*Let Her or Letter (I’ont remember which)
*Black Gold (another new song. Esperanza said she wrote this because when she went to school there were all these posters empowering young black girls and nothing for the boys. She wanted there to be something for young black boys because they don’t hear hopeful messages enough)
*Precious (I was hoping to hear this live too, and it was great)
*Endangered Species (not her song, a jam-session like song to wrap things up)
Then she came out for an encore and did something jamming, don’t know what song it was.

I’m going to DC this weekend to see my brother graduate. I have 3 brothers and a sister (I’m the oldest, I have a different mother). This is the 2nd/middle brother who is graduating from Howard. He is super-motivated and has incredible things lined up post-graduation. He will be the keynote speaker for his personal commencement (there are the major/department commencements and the general commencement for everyone is separate). I am so proud and excited. Also as a nature nerd, I hope the cherry blossoms are still in bloom so I can get a picture!

I read a blog post somewhere last week that suggested (if you’re a travel lover) to always have a trip planned. It doesn’t matter if you can’t yet afford it or don’t yet have the time. Plan it. Look up what you want to see and do. Where you want to stay. What you want to experience. That post really hit home with me. I LOVE traveling. I even love airport stuff, even if I’m just going to Detroit or DC, wherever. Doesn’t matter. It’s one of the few things that truly excites me. So this post really inspired me. I’m going to plan my dream trip to Morocco, and mini-trips to Florida, San Antonio, and New Orleans. What are your dream and mini-trips you want to plan?

Mother’s Day is coming up. Since I am damn near bankrupt right now and want to show my mother my appreciation for her presence, I plan to make her a dozen of my special vegan strawberry-blueberry-banana muffins so she can freeze them and have breakfast for a couple of weeks. They’re very filling and yummy.

I leave you with a picture from the wedding I was in. This is post-Long Island Iced Tea and I was doing my gangsta-sway to some song. My sister-in-law took this picture; I didn’t even know, y’all. I didn’t even know.


Comments on: "Some Stuff" (6)

  1. Vesper de Vil said:

    Photo of you is beautiful!

    Airports are the best. I want to travel everywhere. Doesn’t matter where it is. I’m there.

  2. Whatchu talkin’ bout Willis? That photo of you is spectacular *does spectac spin* lol…but seriously, you look beautiful darling.

    I find myself always wanting to travel too. I’m thinking I may still go somewhere in September, I just havent decided if I want to do cruise or back to Puerto Rico. My dream vacay would definitely have to be Prague. Don’t know when, but I must.

  3. Girl, you look HAWT.

    Sorry that cold kicked your ass. That sucks. I feel you on not filling perscriptions though. I hate meds. Ugh. Get a neti pot next time your snot starts looking like the Grassy Knoll.

    What else did I want to saaaaaaaaay? Oh, that Spalding chick is BAWSE. I need to see her live soon.

  4. You have a true gift for writing. I’ve seen Esperanza twice already, and I’m looking forward to seeing her again.

  5. Thanks for the compliment guys. I wasn’t trying to say I look bad in the pic, I was merely pointing out my drunkenness and the fact that I was gangsta-dancing and had no idea this picture was taken.

    Lina, you’ve been talking about Prague for a while, I would love to go there too!

    Alicia: But Neti pot is for nasal problems and snotty issues right? This cold was entirely in my chest. I had no nose snot or congestion or anything. Crazay.

    Alicia and Aisha: Esperanza is AWESOME live, but man did the venue suck!

    Aisha: Thank you! That really means a lot to me.

  6. Gem, you still crack me up. You know I gotta share this. I totally feel you on the pharm drugs and all. But glad you got over it.

    The wedding photo of you is beautiful. Post long island iced tea or not. Lol.

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