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Grouchy Cat

Peeped at Alicia’s


Comments on: "Grouchy Cat" (8)

  1. *tearing up*


  3. Before I even saw the little writing at the top, all I could hear in my head is Samuel L. Jackson’s voice saying, “The Fuck?” and “Whatchu just say, mufucka?” and I was hysterically laughing/crying for about 20 mins. I swear, no one can be in a bad mood after watching that…

  4. I CANNOT watch this without laughing…and then keeping it on my screen for another hour. Shit is just TOO funny. And now Lina has me hearing Sam Jackson as the voice of the damn cat.



  6. That’s hilarious. I call those “frying pan” cats, because their faces look like they were bashed in with a frying pan.

  7. Aisha, get out. *goes to bed*

  8. Can't Take It said:

    Okay, the first comment was hilarious enough.

    But the second? *howling*

    *leaves my desk before my supervisor can ask what the hell is wrong with my ass…*

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