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Wedding Weekend

Lawd. This was one of the most epic weekends in the history of Gem. One of Crabby’s best friends got married yesterday to a bride who has become one of my closest friends. As a result, both Crabby and I were in the wedding party.

Friday the girlz and more girlz took a casino bus to Casino Coushatta. I figured I would not enjoy myself since casinos are not really my thing but we had fun. I put in 5$ in a Blackjack machine and won $15! I forced myself to stop even though I had designated $20 to gamble. So I stopped while I was ahead. Bawse. I also thought I would be liquored up but when the bride, another bridesmaid, myself, and the groom’s sister tried Patron shots, I only took a small sip of it and I was instantly nauseated. So nauseated that another bridesmaid (who doesn’t drink) had to walk me to the restroom because I was feeling like it was Game Over. After getting some cool air I felt better and knew I wouldn’t be drinking that night (I DID drink some of a strawberry margarita later, but I can handle fruity stuff. Not the hard stuff. And it was free bitches.) We later went to the club on premises and watched drunk people dance. Good times. We didn’t get back to Houston until 6 AM oh and did I mention the wedding rehearsal was at 11 AM? Not to mention the bride had to pick some of her family up at the airport around 8 AM. So none of us got much sleep. 1 bridesmaid got totally wasted and Saturday morning vomited the morning away in every place imaginable.

Saturday post-rehearsal we were all running errands for the wedding. I literally drove the whole day from before 11am til 7pm when we got back at the hotel (save an hour or two for the rehearsal lunch). We. Were. EXHAUSTED. But, 7PM things were just beginning as we had to put together centerpieces for 19 tables. I never want to see another ivory rose or carnation again in life. Flowers became my cotton, I was their slave. Went to bed between 1 and 2 AM, woke up around 8 or 9 to get started on the wedding day.

Overall, I had a blast. The wedding itself was awesome, gorgeous, and fun. Now, the pictures. These are just from my camera, the other maids have tons more on their cameras so we’ll have to cross-reference. Not to mention all the photographer’s pictures. I don’t have any ceremony pics right now, obviously SINCE I WAS IN THE WEDDING. I’m waiting on more reception pics from others. I had a Long Island Iced Tea and was OUTTA THERE for the rest of the night.

The tub of roses and carnations for bouquets and centerpieces

Crabby and I post-ceremony in the limo. Oh, and you see the makeup? Our makeup artist was fantastic. Viri, I see you girl! She had all of us stuntin’.

The bride, groom, and their 4 1/2 year old son.

Crabby’s sister and I. Here you can see how the maids’ hair was, with the little black-flower-netting hairpiece on the side.

Ladies, this is why you simply must break in your shoes before special events. The comfy-looking, open toe black satin shoes MURDERED my feet with ample evidence for the courts and jury. By the end of the night I could barely walk; I’m talking short shuffle-like steps. UGH!


Comments on: "Wedding Weekend" (7)

  1. Dayummmmmmmm (like craig n em ) yo feet look to up.

    Nice couple and that boy is sooo precious.
    LMAO @ you taking a sip and getting sick.

    but damn those feet…

  2. awwww! your makeup is so unicorn-esque!

    them toes gotta go boo boo.

    damnnnnnn @ the tight schedule. in the future, when you take shots, NEVER take em straight unless ur chasing it with a beer. a beer is the only thing that can get the taste out quicky. instead do soco & lime shots (yum) or lemon drop shots, which is lemon vodka & they rim the shotglass with sugar

  3. KM: They’re back to normal today except one bruise on my left foot. Yes he is precious AND BAD! Don’t let the pic fool you. Girl I cannot handle tequila or any of its’ brethren.

    KVB: I kept messing myself up. First, the taste of the liquor had me gagging. Then I thought the salt on the rim would help. Strike 2. Then, I saw everyone else using the lime so I tried the lime and that was IT. UGH it was such a close call if the other bridesmaid hadn’t gotten me out of there I would’ve barfed all over the slot machines. Duly noted your suggestions cause that shit made me never want to do a shot again.

  4. aww…you look gorgeous! poor feets, though…


    and I call for an old fashioned stoning for this: “but I can handle fruity stuff. Not the hard stuff. And it was free bitches.”

    why you also have prehensile monkeytoes?? can you gab glasses and cups and stuff with them? Paint?

  6. All y’all look alike.

    Ok, I’m just kidding. You guys look gorgeous. And I didn’t recognize you. Trufax.

  7. MDC: Thank you! Yeah my left foot still isn’t talking to me.

    QQ: Girrrrllll wunt that makeup thuggin?? Why you gotta be stoning hoes? Are you not just as honest about your liquor tolerances?

    *lies down* at “prehensile” Yeah I’m 5’1 but somehow ended up with 9 1/2 sized feet. I may or may not have been known to throw up gang signs with my toes.

    Alicia: There is a lot of beigery going on in those pics huh? Trufax. Get out.

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