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Got My Hurr Did

The last time I had my hair flat-ironed was May 2007, when I graduated college. I only did it because I didn’t know how the cap would fit over my ‘fro.

I went natural in October 2005 so this was about 1 1/2 years of growth. Flat-ironed, the length was right at my shoulders.

I’m not a big fan of constant direct heat nor high-maintenance hair so I prefer to leave my hair untouched and just be all curly and thangs. I’m in a wedding this weekend, and the couple are doing a 30’s/40’s glamour theme so the bridesmaids are wearing our hair swept to the side, with soft curls and a little headpiece flower thing with netting/birdcage veilish. Sounds like a lot, but it’s really cute I swear.

I decided to let the bride flat-iron my hair to make it easier to do the style. She has a titanium flat-iron which I now understand is the flat-iron of the godz? Moreso than the Chi/ceramic irons? Anyhoo. I present to you my 4 1/2 year natural hair growth:

Ignore the toothpaste-flecked mirror I blame Crabby

It’s one thing to stretch out the curls with my fingers after I wash it, which doesn’t last long in Houston’s humidity but it’s another to SEE all the length. Amazing. I was taken aback like a mug. I told Crabby and KB I’ont know how to act with this hair now. I’m sitting prim and proper looking like O_O because I don’t wanna mess it up. I told Crabby I feel like Sade all I need is a beach and somebody’s saxophone. I just wanna swing my hair like a conditioner commercial. His response was: “It’s just hair. That doesn’t mean you can just start wildin out. Remember that you have a husband, two dogs, and a cat who already thinks he’s king of the world. There just isn’t enough room for the both of you.” I wish I knew how to quit him.

I’ve been doing Top Model photoshoots with myself all day because I know I’m not going to get it flat-ironed again until Gawd-knows-when. Too much maintenance and yikes-type situations. So I’m enjoying it while it lasts.

So in conclusion, YAAAASSSSSSSS *swings my hair all in your faces and your moms’ faces*


Comments on: "Got My Hurr Did" (14)

  1. All I gather from this post is that You got your hair did and you alongside with your huzband and that toothpaste flecked mirror simply got more unsavory , by.. like.. The second?? I understand that It SOUNDS implaussible.. BUt it isn’t, simply re-read the lower portions of your own post

    I say Good day!

  2. Vesper de Vil said:

    You’re the most hilarious girl evah!!!! You look fabulous.

  3. Naturallyshe said:

    Lmao! It is indeed a gorgeous mane my little corn. Enjoy the flow and stay away from water. Lol also…don’t have sex. I’ve ruined many a straight day engaging in bed frolicking with the wicked one eyed snake.

  4. Can I officially hate on you for being a wavy light-skinned girl now?

  5. i vote YAAAAAASSS on this new hair but i hatechu for wanting to be sade’s mermaid extra.

    crabby patty kinda hit the nail on the head with that comment. he aint lyin.

    “I’ve been doing Top Model photoshoots with myself all day” *deep sigh* WURQ boo. aint nobody mad.

  6. vedddy vedddy nishe.
    you and Sophia could be related.

    Sophia hates having her hair blown out and flat ironed. Annnnd for some reason, the sky could be blue and the sun can be warm when we make our way to the salon…but as soon as Phia is finished…it rains…and the fro comes back with a vengeance.

    I want to see the wedding photos please

  7. Simply lovely!! More pictures please!!

    And don’t you love how husbands bring you right back down to earth? The next time he says something like that, swing your hair in his face and walk away. Swinging your hair.

  8. Hey Gem,

    Long time!! Congrats on the new space you’ve moved to. I took a major break from blogging, but got it cranked up again and kinda started over. Also recently i had a TV interview, check it out when you get a chance:

    I dig the new new direction you choose. Take Care!

  9. swinging yo hair in my momma’s face, tho??


    I’m going to forgive you, only because after I got my new slutty haircut my bangs had impure thoughts about the men in your family. That is all.

  10. hahahhahahaha I do the same thing when I get my hair done because even though I have a relaxer, I still wear my hair wet and curly 85% of the time. I hate what heat does to my hair but it’s SO humid in Atlanta that if I didn’t have a relaxer, it would NEVER stay straight…when I need it to. Le sigh…the things us women go through for a luxurious head of hair!

  11. LOL @ *swing my hair in yo face and yo moms face*! Give Crabby somethin to grab on wit all that long ass hair! Mmmm im jeaaalous! lol j/k. wow…its almost wierd to see u with straight hair now. everybody aint able…

  12. It looks gorgeous! I hate to admit it, but you look just as nice with straight hair as curly. I usually like to say, “She looks SOOO much better with natural hair!” But you got it both ways sister, lol.

  13. Q I re-read the lower half of the post and everything seems on the up-and-up. *covers Spikey in a hair blanket*

    Vesper, thank you dahling! 🙂

    NaturallyShe: Thank you my lovely hair cousin! Um, yes I may or may not have had a close call but luckily a bridesmaid was available for a flat-iron touch up.

    Alicia: NOOOOOO grow your fro back out, you always looked fierce!


    Cas: Thank you! I don’t blame her (Soph) at all! I didn’t get the blow-dryer, just went straight to flat-iron and it wasn’t as bad because it didn’t take long but I could NOT do this on a regular basis. God help me if I have to sit under another hair dryer. Oh and your wish is my command for more pics!

    Desiree: Thank you! The funny thing is, Crabby sent me that through e-mail and I replied with: “*swings my hair all in your face*” so you are in my mind!

    Marlo: HEEEEYYYYY! I’m coming to visit you ASAP.

    Jaded: I THOUGHT I saw your bangs lurking outside my brothers’ apartments!

    AW: I know right?! Houston’s humidity is mortal enemies with flat-ironed hair. This is what cameras are for, to preserve the memories lol

    AJ: Welcome, I think! It’s funny because Crabby actually prefers my afro, which is an even more rare specimen at this point than the straight hair! And I don’t want him grabbing the straight hair, that shit has to last! LOL

    Aisha: HOLA! Thank you soooo much. I just can’t handle the straight hair for long.

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