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Instant Favorite

Talk about Green Eyes Part II. I LOVE this song; the way it switches tempos (even moreso than Green Eyes it seems), the despair you can hear in her voice in certain parts. Love it.

The new album as a whole flows nicely, but I have only extracted 2 tracks (this and Window Seat) that I can listen to over and over and have made it to the coveted IPOD playlist. I actually like more songs from New Amerykah Part I, which many people just plain didn’t like.

Regarding the Window Seat video, it seems most people are in 1 of 2 camps. Camp A is ass, booty, butt, hindparts, ZOMG she showed her nether regions in public, PLEASE think of the children, ho-shit, Hottentot Venus, etc. Camp B is duuuude they’re totally missing the message, she’s so deep and ankhy (I read that somewhere and died), she is such a game-changer, so original, etc. The irony is people from both groups (the extreme ones, that is) are illustrating her explanation of Groupthink.

I’ll just say for now I am in Camp C which takes a somewhat more cynical view of the whole concept. Well actually there is Camp C-1 (cynical view, not a fan) and Camp C-2 (cynical view, but still a fan). I’m in C-2.


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  1. yea. i like new america pt. 1 better also. she had like 4 solid jams there.

    a part of me feels like, the nudity and controversy was an effort to keep herself relevant.

    it’s obvious she has a donk. but she cant help that. LOL

    another part of me knows the message she has been trying to send for YEARS. 1 couldnt say it’s a pub stunt simply because she BEEN on some “ankhy” (chokes) shit.

    it’s not like nicki minaj or lil kim decided they wanted to get all deep and spiritual. i mean. it’s erykah badu. you know?

  2. what he hell is ankhy?
    I am so ignorant sometimes.

    I saw the video. It gave me chills…it was filmed where JFK was assassinated, yes? Strip away everything and someone lost their life for his people on the very same spot she laid down to die. And then she was reborn. Something else evolved from tragedy. Didnt bother me so much that she took of her thangs in public and exposed her pubes and such. If she looked like Precious I might have been devastated and humiliated for the child. We’re talking Baduism here, so naturally, her body is going to be a reflection of what she eats. I dig Erykah. Always have, she’s alright by me. But I’m an ignoramus, so what do I know really?

    HaPpY eAsTeR 0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o <—— (eggs)

  3. I haven’t seen the video but I’m listening to this song and it’s wonderful. I get what you’re saying about the despair in her voice. It’s quite melodic and i will find myself going to pick this up. Very reminiscent of older jazz legends. I love how she plays with tonality.

    did you see her on chelsea lately?

  4. Vesper de Vil said:

    I LOVE her.

  5. Anhky?

    And I LOVED Part 1. Fuck was wrong with the rest of y’all?

  6. I LOVE this song…FOR REAL. It’s been in constant rotation.

  7. I have heard such great things about this album. I really need to stop procrastinating and download it

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