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Notorious BIG*

Today marks the 13th anniversary of his murder. I actually don’t remember the moment I found out he had been killed. I believe I was at home in my bedroom, probably on my pank canopy bed swinging my little 12-year-old legs. I remember the aftermath, the reactions, the funeral, etc. but not the moment I found out he died (I remember Tupac, Aaliyah, and Left Eye very clearly).

Because I like to get ignant with it every now and then, here are my Biggie jamz.

Big Poppa WITH the video for the following reasons:
1. The beat is perfect for waving your hands in the aye-yair like you don’t have bills to pay and shit
2. Mary J. Blige sipping it up with that ignant look on her face at the :24 mark and then gettin drunk-crunk at the 1:19 mark.
3. Biggie chewing on SOMETHING as the camera zooms in on him for the 1st verse
4. Tranniez in the men’s restroom?! I blame Puffy.
5. Sweatshirts, beanies, and indignant facial expressions were all acceptable clubbing gear. Even for the ladies.
6. The lines: “Who they attractin’ with that line, what’s yo name, what’s yo sign? Soon as he buy that wine, I just creep up from behind *DEAD* and ask you what yo interests are, WHO YOU BE WITH? *DEADER*” and then “…go fill my belly. A T-bone steak, cheese eggs, and Welch’s grape” *DEADEST* Like, why is he so specificccccccc? Like he was thinking about what he wanted that entire night? Like he KNEW he was bout to wreck shop on that late night snack?

Dead Wrong and let me tell you this is aptly named because the lyrics ARE dead wrong. Do NOT listen if you’re faint-hearted (faint-eared?) cause LAWD there are some terrible, unclassy, unelegant lyrics in this song. But um, I WILL jam this whilst cleaning *insert Crabby’s stone-face here* or cooking just to get angry with it. I’m ignant, yes I know.

Also, from Mo Money Mo Problems, the line that goes: “Tap my cell, and my phone in the basement” I always thought it was “Tap myself, and I fall in the basement” LAWD

I do bankhead bounce to some other Biggie tunes but y’all probably know the rest. I have to say, his death really did not hit me until I was in my 20’s and that was only because I realized just how YOUNG he and Tupac were. Like, it really is a damn shame to look back at their lives and all they were involved in and realize they were both in their EARLY TWENTIES. Christ.

So what are your favorite Biggie jamz? Ignant or not? What did you think of him as a rapper? As a person (as much as you could know anyway)? From interviews, I gather he was a human being exhibiting the normal balance between positive and negative characteristics. He really was humble, nice, charming, funny but he was also a woman-beater and drug dealer. Neither side should be forgotten in a person.

*And I swear fo GAWD if KB comes in here calling him Niggie again, I’m taking a personal day tomorrow. Lock the door to the comments before she comes in y’all, I beg you.


Comments on: "Notorious BIG*" (10)

  1. nigga look at the pic u posted of Niggie!

    fav jam lyricz:

    “you must beeee used to me spendin, and all that sweeeet winin and dinin but im fuckin you TONIGHTTT”

    “armed and dangerous ain’t too many can bang with us straight up weed,
    no angel dust label us notorious, thug-ass niggas that love to bust It’s strange to us, y’all niggas be scramblin, gamblin up in restaurants with mandolins and violin


    sky is the limit is my SAWNGGG *wobblez* so was mo money mo probs, hypnotize and playa hata

    its funny those things you said abt aaliyah and left eye. i remember those moments when i heard abt their deaths, but not for Niggie and Pac.

    thanx a mil for calling me out heffa yall wouldnt know i called him Niggie if QuPac didnt go rat me out in twitter

  2. Can't Take It said:

    The first picture!! iCan’t

    You were twelve? TWELVE?!?!

    Warning is probably my favorite. Dude won’t hesitate to shoot if you pop up in his spot. *LOL* Dead Wrong is another, the lyrics are nuts and the beat is sick. One More Chance has to make the list because that came out the year I pledged and learned my first party walk to(yeah, I said it).

    Oh, and the trick in the “Big Poppa” video reminded me and most of my college friends of this one hoe that did ALL the guys(but the guys won’t admit to it, dang).

    What you said about Biggie was pretty much spot on…you could see he appreciated where he got to with his lyrics, though he never stopped appreciating where he came from. An oversimplification, but its all I have time for(stupid late work night)!

    TWELVE!?!? *runs out, disgusted*

  3. KB: It ain’t like I took or drew the picture, damn! Ooh yessssss I love Bone and Biggie Biggie, Bone and Biggie Biggie! *crying at the use of string instruments* Betch you’ve said Niggie THREE TIMES IN ONE COMMENT get the fugg out and NEVER RETURN.

    Can’t: UGH I should have made you change your gravatarrrrrrrrrrr before you came in herrrrrrrre. *cackles* I knew the first pic would murk on arrival. Warning is definitely one of my faves. “Call the coroner!” I LOVED the One More Chance video! I didn’t know you pledged! Yes, 12 heaux! *sits on your bed and swings legs happily*

  4. Umm…Notorious Thugs…Hypnotize…and his verse on Total’s “Can’t You See.”


  5. I had parents that were too strict and din’t allow me to listen to biggie and being the nerd that I was I didn’t sneak out an listen to it so his death didn’t really hit me all that hard until Like you said i realized just how young they were… I also remember the daily news had Lil kim on teh front page…without makeup and I could not recogonize her.

    I can’t really spit any jacked up lyrics from BIG but i only remember that scene that was spliced into mo money mo problems when he was damn near catching an asthma attack while saying that more money more problems quote”

    It really is sad to see they both died over foolishness.

  6. watchu want?
    “you fuck with the high guy, you die”

    notorious thugs
    “spit you game, talk yo shit, grab yo gat, call yo clique, squeeze yo clip, hit the right one…”

    I was heartbroken over Left Eye. She was a decent human being.

    Always thought the Aaliyah death was diabolical in some way. She was still a baby…and rushing home to Damon Dash…

    I thought Tupac was bulletproof. Biggie was just devastating…that was like losing your best friend from grammar school.

  7. I died at #4 and was resurrected (only to LMAO) at #6.

    My favorite Biggie song would probably have to be Juicy…I think I’m going to play that right now.

    Honorable Mentions: One More Chance (Remix)—Because the exes are always asking me for one…Get Money—Because that’s what I do…Dead Wrong—Because that beat is just sick…and Fucking You Tonight—Because, sometimes, that’s all we want to do.

  8. Licier: I TOTALLY wanted to put the Total song on here, it was jammin!

    kingsmomma: YES ME TOO! “The more money…*mowf breathes*…you make the more problems you get…*mowf breathes* and jealousy and envy…*mowf breathes*

    Cas: Left Eye’s death REALLY upset me. After her death this tribute magazine came out with some really in-depth interviews about her, man she was an amazing person! I still get upset over Aaliyah’s death because it was way too preventable. Rushing home to see Dame Dash on an overloaded plane flown by a crack-using suspended license pilot?! Nawl mayne. Nawl.

    BCU: I love Juicy! Girl that whole video (Big Poppa) kilt me so many times. Oh Get Money is the JAM.

  9. somebody knows which is the name or mark of the lents of notorius big and where can i find this lents on u.s. a answer pleace

  10. Baroo?

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