My existence is a life-long treasure hunt.

My eyes are watering and spilling over this morning at this website. Peeped here.

Jamaica Masby
First to throw her hands in the air and wave them around as if she truly didn’t care.

RUTHIE MCCAULEY: First person to inform somebody that she “don’t have to do shit but stay black and die.”

Samuel “Sam Sam” Little
First person to eat a piece of food dropped on the ground after holding it up in the air and saying “God kiss it; devil miss it.”

Will Richards
First man to put something on his mama (i.e. – “TOUCH ME AGAIN AND WE GON’ FIGHT, MAN, I PUT THAT ON MY MAMA!”).

REV. W.J. SHANKLIN: Inventor of the church building fund.

Etta Lee Green
First person to call somebody else “worsome.”

Rufus Wellsley
First man to shoot someone over a game of spades.

Shameka King
First person to use the phrase “than a mug” to describe something (i.e. – “It is colder than a mug out here!”).

I am SHAKING with laughter at my desk.


Comments on: "Little Known Black History Facts" (11)

  1. LMFAO… this is hilarious reminds me of that skit Dave Chapelle used to do

    • LOVE IT.
      I cannot wait to show this to Sophia.

      On another note, me and the Jurisprudence Professor went AT IT this morning. That translates into me getting an F for that class I suppose.

      Why did he try to say that the 40 Acres and a Mule provision in the Emancipation Proclamation was a good example of Distributive Justice???? I was like, huh?
      First, every freed slave did not get their 40 acres and a mule Professor. He said, I know they all got mules though. I was like “are you being facetious or serious” his response was “90% of freed slaves got their 40 acres and a Mule”. It was on after he stated his stats.
      What the fudgepacking shenanigans is wrong with people?
      This guy is like 80 and a PhD. Throwing false stats out to a class of people who just moved into their twenties. I wanted to knock his ass out.

      Instead, I am working on a paper. I would like to see if he PhD.’s me out of the water. This isnt going to be an easy semester. BUMMER.

      you look like an all growed up Sophia Rose

  2. Woodstock said:

    I got a mini abdominal workout from chuckling.


  4. OMG haha, that does remind me of Chapelle! Too funny! And feel free to stalk all you like! haha, like I said I do the same!

  5. This shit is funnier than a mug! lolllllll

  6. I caught that link a while back, too funny!

  7. Wow, lol!!!! We all know about the church building fund…and what it’s really going to.

  8. I’m shaking and snorting in the library – just thought you should know. 🙂

  9. I’m featuring this foolishness on my next monthly favorites post (tomorrow, probably). “God kiss it, devil miss it” is hereby forever ingrained in the repertoire. On a related note, LMAO @ “They’ll kill us all!” One time for the GWTW reference.

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