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Diving for Hearts

Remember my Suggest-A-Song Monday posts? *crickets*

I think I’ll move them to Friday, so everyone will have time to listen to stuff. BTW, I DO listen to everything y’all suggest. Some have even reached IPOD status so I thank you all for the new music to my ears.

Today, I’m leaving you with a song that has been stuck in my head for about 2 weeks now, since they began streaming Corinne Bailey Rae’s album online. Diving for Hearts. I love everything about this song. It’s currently my co-favorite off her new album along with Are You Here.

I love the beginning, how you feel like you’re hearing a band warm up. The album was recorded with her vocals over the actual live instruments and you can tell. I love the dark, moonlit, intense feeling the song has. I love how the tempo changes throughout the song and how it gets heavy at the end with the guitars and stuff, you hear some soft chanting lyrics then it builds up to “over the stones, into the sea“….and gets crunk with the guitars. I love the lyrics that I’ve been able to decipher (none online yet). This really is a great album. I’m disappointed she’s not stopping anywhere near me on her North American tour so if she’s coming near YOU I expect YOU to go see her and take video and upload the video and notify me IMMEDIATELY when said video is uploaded. Mm-kay? Kay.

Til then I wasn’t alive, I long for you like the love-sick moon…pulls the tide

Chorus: Was it emotion…or should I keep on diving, keep on diving down/Under this ocean…I’m gonna keep on diving, til my heart is found/It’s got a hold on me/Can’t forget the things I’ve seen

Gone and drop a song in the comment box you’d like to recommend.


Comments on: "Diving for Hearts" (14)

  1. STUNNING , sooo so so good, I’ma get it

    How Is this for a follow Up, Instruments Galore, and her voice is delish too: Moloko’s Over and Over

  2. Lately, when I need to concentrate on my manuscript, I’ve been playing the soundtrack to “Away We Go” which features songs by Alexi Murdoch. Here’s a sample:

  3. I want to suggest The Water by Feist. Im happy that you’re bringing suggest a song back.

  4. maaaaaaannnnnn
    Q always has the flyest music on her blog.
    I wish I had the time. Best I can do is listen to classical music…alternative stations in NYC SUCK ASS.

    This song has special meaning to me…even though its depressing…LOL
    The first time I heard it I was recovering in the maternity ward at St. Vincents Hospital in NYC after giving birth to my oldest son. He was swaddled and I was looking at him like I couldnt believe I was given something so perfect and SCARY…enjoy…

    Julia Fordham – HAPPY EVER AFTER

  5. i write/think/mope/dance to ingrid michaelson. you’ve probably heard of her. “keep breathing” stays on rotation. i’m also a huge fan of “breakable”, “glass”, “porcelain fists”, and “winter song”. okay, i basically like everything she sings.

    keep breathing:

    winter song:

  6. Everyone except QQ: Did y’all heffai even listen to Diving for Hearts? I expect a typed report on my desk STAT!

  7. i must admit that i have never been a big cbr fan, so when i saw your review i screwed up my face. i was all like, “meh, let me go find ingrid or some such.” ::cowers in corner:: HOWEVER, since i got called out for my aintshytitude, this heffa listened to the song 3.25 times. the first time, i just couldn’t get through it. i know, i suck. but i’m no quitter. so i literally closed my eyes and listened closely to the entire song thrice. it’s beautiful…haunting. the pensiveness and longing expressed in the lyrics (what i could understand), dramatic changes in tempo, and the showcasing of her vocal range/styling force the listener to go on the emotional ride b/c it’s all so unexpected. the drum and guitar lines are fuggin’ amazing! and the last minute of the song is gorgeous; it’s as if she’s keening or something (4:09-4:36). wow. i hope that making this album has given her a measure of peace.

    anyway, yeah i liked it. tchau!

  8. My bad…didn’t know you were serious about that report on Diving for Hearts! You know me & Corinne Bailey Rae are BFFs so she could sing the McDonald’s jingle and I’d pay 99 cents in iTunes for the single, and another 99 cents for the remix featuring Kanye and Drizzy Drake.

  9. you know i LOVE the whole CBR album, gul! i wanna suggest a song Q put me on to called “cry sometimes” by kate earl but youtube dont gottttt it no more. *pouts* in the meantime, i’ll think of another song i wantchu to hear. when my brain isnt poopie.

  10. have u heard this song? got it from L word. OWWWW. i know u’ll love it

  11. ali la loca said:

    A few Brazil recommendations for you:

    “Argila” and “Zanza” by Carlinhos Brown
    “Magamalabares” by Marisa Monte
    “Agora Só Falta Você” by Maria Rita Mariano


  12. QQ: I love how EPIC the song is in every way. Love the length and the strings.

    Jaded: I don’t see how you can concentrate on writing with that, I’d totally zone out to this.

    Lina: Lawwwddd their songs are so sad! I love her voice though.

    Cas: I’m listening to this picturing you and big guy and I’m like O_o it is giving me a real ‘mother’ vibe now. Like you would eat the head off someone who came too close.

    mdc: Keep Breathing is very soothing. *adds to future lamaze list* Winter Song is nice, sounds like something should be happening in a movie with this in the background.

    kb: LOVE Cry Sometimes. Angel is a bit too mellow for me but very clean, airy sounding. I like it.

    Ali: I really like Argila and Agora So Falta Voce! I really love mellow Brazilian tunes.

  13. once again
    thx for watching the video music ” diving for heart”
    i will download now

  14. very good song, thank you

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