My existence is a life-long treasure hunt.

Caption This #1

Topaz and Max Omarion Tupac Boycatt Lopez-Ramirez

I may not know karate but I know karazay, bish!

There’s my caption, let’s see yours!


Comments on: "Caption This #1" (12)

  1. WTF is that things name?!! Omarion Tupac?! HUH!! I need an explanation asap.

  2. Can't Take It said:

    I don’t have a caption, just the sound of the Lee Majors going for the kick ass in slow-mo stuck in my head along with the giant ass brain with the red eyes from Wrinkle in Time…and a video response:


  3. “I wish a muthaf*cka would come and try me!!”

  4. which of these here four feet u want up ur ass first, Biatch?

  5. lmaooo at Dej’s caption!

    man. i don’t even have one but that’s hilarious.

  6. “you shoulda seent the size of that motherf—- rat man…it was like THIS big…!!!!”

  7. *cue music*

    “When you got that glow…”

  8. With that picture, the cat’s name should be Powder…cause he’s about to slap the shit out of Topaz.

    “That’s why you’re an assistant pimp…”

  9. MMiD: See here: for the sordid story of the cat’s nicknames and blame most of the commenters you see here.

    Can’t: *SCREAMING* at the sound effects!

    BCU: But you see the deadly calm look on his face? Like this ain’t nothin’ new to him??

    dej: *collapsed* You and Cas tie so far AAAAAHHHH that one murked me.

    Muze: Her comment would have wiped out my own caption if I hadn’t already typed it.

    Cas: I was originally going to do a “this big” caption but I wanted to see if one of y’all would. You delivered! Yours is much funnier than the one I was thinking though.


    Alicia: Assistant pimp *renews my mind*

  10. I for one Am QUITE PLEASED that Tupac Omarion Boycatt Lopez Ramirez Is doing his given name so very proud

    *BOUNCE !*

  11. I happen to not be plzed with his name but caption should be “your face, can I haz?”

  12. That is so cute!! Thanks for visiting my blog!

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