My existence is a life-long treasure hunt.


I have a lot to blog about, I just haven’t felt like actually typing it all up. Y’all ever feel that way? I need a stunt blogger. ANYHOO to get back in the groove I figured I’d finally do this meme that I was tagged in LAST DECADE literally, by InnyVinny. 7 “interesting” things about me. Here goes!

1. Aerial shots of sports stadiums bother me. You know when you’re watching a football or baseball game and they go to commercial and pan out so you can see into the stadium from above? The stadium shots filled with people look like little pockets of bacteria or like an alien pod or something. It just looks weird and kind of scary.


2. I’m not good at taking hints. I mean really. I need people to be as upfront and blunt as possible. I don’t like game-playing, tip-toeing, pussy-footing, suggestive tones, etc. I am completely dense in this arena so it saves everyone time to just say what the fugg you have to say. Even if it’s negative or hurtful. There’s a way to say things that are negative without being a complete douche-wand or a punk bish about it. I respect people so much who can say it flat out and not be afraid. Especially friends. This way there is no room for mis-understanding.

3. I fucking hate Christmas carol commercials. Like, to sell me a fucking washing machine in December, do you really need to dress up your “employees” and have them carol the got damn sale to me? Is that really how you think you need to get your point across? You can’t just say, this December we have a ginormous sale on washing machines? A pox on carolers.

4. I hate talking animals, mascots, life-sized versions of characters, talking food, all that shit. Snuggle Bear (you know, the laundry bear?) freaks me the fuck OWT. Similarly, if food is arranged to be animate in some way I WON’T EAT IT. That goes for animal crackers, smiley-face cookies, Goldfish crackers, sammiches with the toothpicks with olives in them to look like eyes, etc. How is that cute to eat a face?? I don’t get it.

Y'all are SICK!

5. I don’t argue with fools. I don’t like discussing race and racism with certain groups of people because if everyone is not on the same basic level of understanding then it’s pointless. Same thing with religion. No point in discussing religion with a fanatic. This extends to other topics too such as poverty, etc. There are people (whom I personally know) out there who CAN and do argue with fools or attempt to educate people about certain things and have the patience for all that. I admire them greatly and I recognize that I am not them and will not be them. If someone is not going to bring logic in some form to the conversation, I’m not going to waste my time and effort. I’ll get angry too easily. BTW, when I say fools I don’t mean “anyone who happens to disagree with my stance”. I mean fools. There’s a difference.

6. I hate when I can’t date pictures. When I upload pictures on my computer I usually attach the exact date. But if I wait a while or if it’s in that gray area between December of 2009 and January of 2010 it MAKES MY SOUL ITCH to not know the actual date that the picture was taken. Most people have some sort of obsessive-compulsive quirks about different areas. My area is numbers and order. I need the order to be followed. THE ORDER MUST BE FOLLOWED. It also makes my soul itch if the volume on the radio or TV does not end in ‘0’ or ‘5’. My husband laughs at me when he casually turns the volume up to 14 and I wait a few seconds and put it on 15. Or change 11 to 10. STOP LOOKING AT ME LIKE THAT!

7. I have issues with addressing familiar adults by their ‘title’. My mother is an exception; I call her ‘Marmee’ like the girls did in Little Women. I’ve always called my father by his first name when referring to him in conversations. But I never actually call him by his first name when I’m around him. I don’t call him Dad or any other derivative either. I don’t call him anything. Same with my stepmother, I didn’t know WHAT to call her so I don’t call her anything when I’m around her. Same with my mother-in-law. To get around having to call these people ‘something’ I just make sure I’m in earshot when I talk to them and simply ask them/tell them something directly. Instead of “*insert title here*, have you seen the soda?” It’s “Have you seen the soda?”

Sharing is caring. I shall now tag 7 of ye “officially” and all the rest of you unofficially because I’m nosy like that. Officially tagging KB (because she needs to dust the cobwebs off her blog anyway), Vesper (I know she has some good stuff to share), Desiree (ditto), QQ (what’s three times ditto? Thritto?), FUD’s mom, BCU, and DocBrown.


Comments on: "7" (7)

  1. 1: Aerial Shots?? word?? do you got Google Maps nightmares
    2. I’m Not a hint taker at ALL, not cause i don’t see em’ Nope, But because I HATE roundaboutness I love to see people squirm and have to come out and say whatever else, usually I also hate hints cause is usually about dudes trying to get me to say/do/be some shit

    3. You know I have a Hate Hard On for Holidays, yes Christmas carolers can go fuck themselves

    4. Don’t You fucking Hate on the snuggle Bear or I’ma make him go chill out with you, knock on the door and shit

    5. I don’t bother arguing Race/religion/politics/gay lesbian rights with my sister or mother or a lot of Fl people… that should tell you

    6. I hate to date them acshully. You fugging craaazzzyyyyyy

    7. I m the opposite, I call Everyone except the people in my job Mr_____ or señor blah blha blah, like I used to do that with them shitty in-laws, I always used to call them mr and mrs

    QQ is On it,

  2. Thanks for the tag!!! I love these *smile.*

    About #3…Tell us why you really mad son (in my NY accent)???!!! LOL, I love Christmas carol commercials. I love anything dealing with Christmas…it’s so fun. People are happy, loving, giving…ok, maybe not, but I love that time of the year and the commercials, especially the GAP commercials…so cute.

    I agree with #4 to an extent. I don’t like mascots. I had a bad run in with one when I was three, and I still remember it. My brother played football, and I ran up to him after one of his games (he was 17). While I was running, all of a sudden I was picked up by a big ass orange and blue eagle. The idot in the mascot thought it was fun to pick up a running child. I screamed so damn loud…had me crying and shit. Since then, I haven’t liked mascots. However, I like making my food look like animals or people…I don’t know why, but when I eat animal crackers, I bite the head off first…it’s calming, lol.

    I’m with you on #5. I just find it stupid…’nuff said.

    I’m glad to see that someone agrees with me about #7. It’s weird. Unless you’re my mom, I call you by your first or last name…maybe even a nickname. I just don’t like saying “auntie …” “uncle …” It feels so unnatural. I don’t even like to call my dad “Dad.”

  3. I’m not very interesting.

    That sandwich scared the shit out of me by the way.
    Matter of fact, just looking at it made my gag reflex take over.

  4. Gemmy, we so alike and shit! 2,3,5,6 and 7 on me! But 7 is because I’m just awkward…LOL

  5. Woodstock said:

    Even Elmo?

  6. QQ: 1. I don’t dislike ALL aerial shots, just sports stadiums lol
    2. When I DO realize someone is pussy-footing around I enjoy making them squirm too until they spit it out.
    4. do NOT send that mofo over here, it will be a death-by-fire type scenario
    6. If you want to fuck with my mind, give me a box of undated pictures *shudder*

    BCU: 3. I don’t mind Christmas cheer and such, it’s just something about carolers specifically that makes me want to go on a rampage.
    4. OMG that’s terrible! (The eagle). YOU MONSTER! (eating the heads off animal crackers)

    Cas: LIES! You are chock full of ‘interesting’ lol. I’m going to see that sandwich in my nightmares, I know this.

    Alicia: YAAAASSSSSSS I’m glad I’m not the only one. I am super awkward with formalities and titles.

    Woodstock: ESPECIALLY Elmo. Tickle Me Elmo is just WRONG. 🙂

  7. sorry i took 8 months to comment but i loooooved this post!

    1. “do you got Google Maps nightmares”-QQ (cryinggggggg)

    2. im the exact opposite and read TOO DEEP into shit unnecessarily and whip myself into a neurotic overthinking frenzy BOO!

    3. carolers, MEH but kenny G.’s christmas album was TIGHT

    4. is this a thing from childhood? did u fight your moms face if she sat u down for a half hr of barney or sesame st?

    5. ive gotten into this habit. i state my opinion MAYBE but arguing FACTS and core beliefs with folk never creamed my twinkie. at all even!

    6. i create a folder for pics like “berfday picz” and every photo gets numbered. its just easier fo me that way

    7. thats interestingggggggggg like u dont call crabbys mom “mom” or “momma”? most adults i call ms. ____ like if theyre my friends mom. like ms. dawn but i add something cute to make it formal like ms. dawny

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