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Aoki Black Panther

I’ve had this link saved for a couple of months and here it is finally.

There’s a documentary out on the life of Richard Aoki, a Japanese-American who became one of the founding members of the Black Panther Party and the only Asian to be in a formal leadership position.

Here is the website, which includes the trailer and other video clips.

Peeped here.

It is rare to hear of collaborative efforts between racial minority groups (especially between Asians and blacks) so I want to make sure this gets spread around, even if it’s just to one person who didn’t know. It is my understanding that there were many Asians involved in the civil rights struggle and fighting on the side of blacks during that time.

Has anyone else gotten to see this? I don’t know how or when we’ll be able to view it.


Comments on: "Aoki Black Panther" (12)

  1. That’s pretty awesome, he rarely hear about that or even Jewish and gay people that in fact also marched during civil right marches arm in arm with the Kings etc etc

  2. *jaw dropped*

  3. Makes sense…I mean…look at what America did to Hiroshima and Nagasaki. That was followed by Japanese being carted away to camps in the US. The history of this country is shitty. Period.

  4. wooow.

    one person reached. had no clue.

    i’m actually really interested in seeing this, considering the distant relationship most asians and blacks have today. (except in your neighborhood beauty supply of course. lol)

  5. AssertiveWit said:

    I had no idea! I’m going to watch this later…BTW, this is @LVsMommy 🙂

  6. Can't Take It said:

    I must admit that I did not know that. I need to know when this will finally be available!

  7. Not only am I going to watch this…but I will pass it along to others. Thanks Gem!!

  8. heffa when are you going to update this blog!

    how’s that for footprints all over your blog lol

  9. *fights Beth in her face*

    *Dead* at the related post being my cunty post on black leopards.

  10. I’m ashamed to admit that I hadn’t heard of him, and I grew up in Oakland. This is fascinating! Thanks so much for posting it. I’ve posted the trailer on my FB page. Be sure to check out my reply regarding Blacks in Spain. You might find it interesting. Love your site!

  11. He allegedly was a CIA informant. That’s the reason he commited suicide.

    • Peace Frog said:

      FBI, not CIA. They named Hoover in the WNPR story we both listened to today. Also, he has certainly not been prooven, it is the story of one author. Hoover used the tactic of putting out names as informants but this only became a rumor in recent years. As you heard in the story, he was sick when he shot himself.

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