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Law and Order Truths

Here’s something light for the weekend. If you’re a fellow Law and Order whore connoiseur like me, you have no doubt peeped the predictable patterns in the show. In the Gem household we watch the original L&O and SVU. Found this funny article from Best Week Ever that explains the patterns as follows:

So I’m writing this post not to brag about amateur tv-addict behaviour (Britishized for class), but to point out three universal observations about the show that we’ve all noticed and all pointed out before, but which require cataloging here so that when future alien civilizations discover Law and Order and in that order, they’ll be all like, “Yeah I know, right???” Then they’ll be like “Blaxnorff!!!” cause they’re aliens and only speak some English (Gem note: I lost consciousness briefly after reading that).

Truth #1: If a recognizable actor or actress is in the episode, they did it.

As soon as the detectives begin interrogating “That’s that dude from [BLANK]“, that guy’s gonna end up being the murderer, or at the very least, they’re gonna figure prominently in the solution and deliver a stirring speech on the witness stand in the final 10 minutes as the music swells. Law & Order isn’t going to bring in Characteractor McKindarecognizable to just dish out a little information in the first twenty minutes and disappear. If Robert Wagner or Orlando Jones walks through the frame, arrest the sh*t out of him. He did it.

Truth #2: If they arrest or try a suspect with too much time left in the episode, that person obviously didn’t do it.

There’s nothing more instantly frustrating to the L&O viewer than the detectives confidently handcuffing someone fifteen minutes in the episode, or the prosecutors bringing the hammer down on someone with a solid twenty minutes left in the episode, and no ability to yell at them from your couch “IT’S OBVIOUSLY NOT THEM YOU DUMBASS, THERE’S WAY TOO MUCH FRICKIN’ TIME LEFT!” Well, you have the ability to yell it all the time, but trust me, they rarely respond.

You’d think that after eighty blablillion seasons of the show, even with the personnel turnover, some of these cops would’ve figured out not to arrest someone until 25-35 minutes into the episode, and not to really nail them in court until after the final commercial break. In extremely rare cases, an early conviction may actually occur, but only if it then leads to a more important crime being unearthed and the episode essentially starting over again. They’ve never just nailed someone ten minutes in, forced them to plead guilty, and eaten sandwiches in real time for the remaining forty minutes. Could someone please make this episode happen? It would instantly become every L&O fan’s unquestionably favorite episode / day of life.

Universal Truth #3: The last couple seasons of SVU have been effing crazy.

This isn’t so much a universal L&O commandment as just an observation, but it’s a damn obvious observation at that. SVU should, in theory, be the most gripping and relatable L&O offshoot, as it involves cases of domestic abuse, rape, and crimes of a sexual nature so often committed by close family members and not — as in Law And Order: Original Recipe — in some zany scheme between zany people that intrigue us but seem distant and caricatured.

Instead, the past (give or take) six seasons of SVU have been hilariously ridiculous, and usually in an entertaining way, but in a way so full of sub-Shyamalan twists and turns so as to completely negate any relatability to the serious issues it attempts to raise. If the cops interrogate or arrest someone even 30 minutes into an SVU episode, there is no question that they’re still about eight dudes away from finding the actual killer (eight dudes or girls, or the dudes’ kids secretly, or a secretly transgender guidance counselor taking matters into her own hands because she identified so uniquely with a transgender student’s parental issues, even though none of this was raised before the final two minutes of the sixty minute show). Watching SVU is like watching cartoony 24 episodes but with rape involved so you feel slightly guilty for laughing at the ridiculousness. In a related story, my DVR is full.

Gem note: So much word on SVU. There was 1 episode where someone framed Detective Benson by creating fake DNA that was being sold on the black market…Crabby and I were like O_o for 10 minutes after the credits rolled. Our DVR (on BOTH TVs, SMH) is also full.

Honorable mention truth from the comments:

Truth #4: Any information accessed by computer can be done with 11 keystrokes or fewer. “You need to find the suspects’ grade-school teacher based on his dental records? Ok, here we are.”

Full article here.


Comments on: "Law and Order Truths" (7)

  1. me and baby Sophe watch Law and Order like our lives depend upon it…not even going to lie. She says she wants to be like Olivia only will bust some heads open and throw the bad guys down the stairs. She detests people who hurt people but doesnt have a problem puttin a hurtin on those people herself o-O. She gets it from her mama.

    Anyho, the one I thought was crazy was when that forensics guy was the asshole killer. I, for one, would work with Ice-T any day…so would Sophe. She said he would probably help her throw child rapists off the top of the Empire State Building.

    No justice, no peace is what she says.

    Hopefully, she sticks with Math and becomes the most fabulous engineer EVER

  2. This is SO true. Dudeguy and I watch this show (CI and the original mostly) EVERY day and usually we know who did it before the police to.

    Damn formulae.

  3. ROFL!!!! I only watch L&O and SVU a few times and this post has me on the floor.

  4. Um Vincent D’Onfrio is fucking In law and order SVU: THAT explains every single query you may ever have, please, and Thank you

  5. i STAN for SVU! but yea, u KNOW the 1st person they arrest aint the right 1.

  6. this post just made my day.

  7. Cas: YES Olivia is a great role model. I love Ice-T on SVU. Can Sophe be a fabulous engineer who INVESTIGATES AND KICKS CRIMINAL BUTT ON THE SIDE?!

    Alicia: I have never seen an episode of CI. Crabby has banned it from our home on account of one of the actors he hates; I forget his name.

    CO: It’s the same thing but I CAN’T STOP WATCHING@

    QQ: NO he’s in CI! Alicia, THAT’S the actor I was thinking of. He is the reason CI is banned in our home.

    KB: They need to add US to the SVU na mean?

    Wynsters: YAAAAASSSSSSS!

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