My existence is a life-long treasure hunt.


Some of this may be repeated from the 2009 post (read in a lawyer’s voice).

-Will find out if I will be attending a doctoral program this year.

-Will graduate with my Masters degree in Sociology.

-Will be a bridesmaid in an April wedding and a July wedding.

-Will become a cousin-aunt or whatever the hell you call your 1st cousin’s child, in August.

-Will learn more about essential oils, medicinal herbs, and tea. If any of y’all have any tips or recommendations, drop a comment! I’ve heard of red raspberry leaf for menstrual cramps, I bought some Organic Berry Black tea leaves (I have never been a tea drinker), and I’m researching essential oils and aromatherapy. I love lavender, vanilla, orange, and sandalwood. They make me feel serene.

-Will see my 2nd (out of 3) brother graduate college this spring.

-Will attend a family reunion in Fort Lauderdale this summer.

-Will ATTEMPT to supplement my weight loss (due to dietary control) with small bouts of fitness *stank face*

That’s all I can visualize right now; everything else is to be written…what are YOUR hopes and plans for 2010?


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  1. I want to make more money so I can move to San Francisco. I’M FOCUSED MAN!!!

  2. I only have a few tunnel-vision-like goals for this year, and #1 on the list is: write my novel.

    Be on the lookout for the book-signing dates in 2011!!

  3. ali la loca said:

    I use a great tea called Get Regular by Yogi Teas…you can guess the reason. It’s incredible, made from the senna leaf and works like a charm.

    I also recommend this cough syrup we get at the chinese market. It’s made from loquat syrup and a handful of other extracts, also super effective. Unfortunately the bottle is all in mandarin so I don’t know the name!

    Happy New Year!

  4. I got to lose some of this ass! That’s my only goal. That and continuing to raise the happiest baby ever!

  5. Let me say I hope you will share some of your findings about herbs and essential oils. I currently use a few herb supplements. I am taking one that is supposed to help vegans get enough protein called L-Lysine, so you may want to do a little research on that one.

    My main goal is the same one I had for last year, which is to save 10Gs. Im pretty sure it’ll happen seeing as Im 60% of the way there, its just a matter of when, and not letting petty life trials get in the way of completing that goal.

    My main hope is that I get into school. I’ll be taking the GRE soon, and applying, so I hope I get in.

  6. Alicia: That is my DREAM United States locale (Bay Area). You’ll get there honeybear.

    Jaded: As long as you include a floor-writhing clause in the book contract. WE are going on tour!

    ali: I’m going to look up these ingredients, thank you!

    MMiD: I CACKLED when I scrolled down to yours and just see “I got to lose some of this ass!” You’ve already been dropping pounds post-baby so you’ll get there.

    Lina: Congrats on saving that much money; very admirable. What did you say you were going to school for? MBA?

  7. Get a terrific agent and a huge boo deal. 😀

  8. Can't Take It said:

    Get your graduating ON! *mad excited*

    Yogi brand Raspberry Leaf Tea works WONDERS(when I remember), and let me tell you I get the cramps from hell(emergency room, anyone?). When I know I’m going to get it, I usually drink two mugs of tea the night before, and one or two the first day. I pretty much breeze through my cycle after that.

    Make a small sachet of dried lavender and vanilla essential oil(let it sit in a container for at least a week for the scents to blend first), then if you like, you can warm it up slightly and either put it in your bath water or put it under your pillow…relaxed as all hell. Allergies won’t let me or Terri enjoy such things, so we get our essential oil fix in body scrubs! 2 parts brown sugar, 1 part jojoba or sweet almond oil, 5-10 drops of your fave essential oil. Mix together, and take into the shower…whoosah!

    Oh, here’s a good site for recipes-

    And I got this book out of the library…I really need to buy it, Terri and I have a wish list of ingredients – Organic Body Care Recipes: 175 homemade herbal formulas for glowing skin & a vibrant self, by Stephanie Tourles.

  9. Well, I get pretty bad cramps too and the raspberry leaf tea can induce uterine contractions (muscle toning) and that can make cramps worse. I think it really depends on what your particular body needs. For me, when i am sticking to my vegan diet and getting some cardio in it helps to a lot! the cardio helps to evenly distribute hormones throughout your body and act as an anti inflammatory. Calcium helps me as well. As for the herbs there is a local store called Lucia’s Garden that sells loose herbs and teaches classes that is wonderful (

    • Wait a minute…am I being senile? We e-mailed before right? I recognize your e-mail…off to G-mail I go!

  10. Tyhitia: Oooh thank you for visiting me! I love your blog; I’ve been slowly digging through your archives. Congratulations on your soon to be real book deal…and boo deal too HEEEEYYYY!

    Can’t: I can’t take your avatar, how’s that? Thank you soooo much for the tea and essential oil info. Lavender and vanilla together = BLISS for me. Hitting up Yogi and Bigelow teas this weekend! 🙂

    Monique: Hold on screwtape, are you in Houston? My classmate took me tea shopping and general enchanted-shopping and WE WENT TO LUCIA’S GARDEN! Let me find out I have a Houston vegan enchanted reader! *shrieks* Girl e-mail me I did not want to leave Lucia’s. So glad I didn’t have any money or it would have been straight up GONE in that house/store.

  11. I DO NOT give a fuck what youuuuu do this year, You are coming to SEE Me and my guava nectared ass when you are in Ft Lauderdale… Or. ELse

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