My existence is a life-long treasure hunt.


In no particular order…

I saw my favorite singer of all time perform and she gave me a shout-out, came down and sang to me holding my hand, and I got a picture with her afterward. How many people can say that about their number 1 favorite artist? Oh yes. I will never forget!

I finished all my coursework for my Masters degree…all I have left are thesis hours and I will be graduating this May….all while working full time.

I became good friends on and off these internets with several lovelies. KB, QQ, Sherri, Terri, Slaus, Bully, Cas, Lina, and FUD’s Momma/MrsMaryMack are the ones who I talk to offline the most. Shout out to all my readers and other blogging homies: MDC (thanks for all your helpful advice), Desiree, BCU, Sydney, Polibohoglam, Alicia/Innyvinny, Chanel, Jaded NYer, Chocolate Orchid, Teri (book coming out in 2010 y’all!), and EVERYONE else y’all have really made my life vibrant. Technology is a mofo ain’t it?

Got a cat. I totally understand cat people now; they are hilarious.

Celebrated my 3 year marriage anniversary

Saw 1 brother graduate college and my sister graduate high school

Was asked to be a bridesmaid in 2 weddings for 2010.

Learned my cousin who I grew up with is pregnant, so I’ll be a cousin-aunt in 2010.

Lost 10 pounds by being more responsible and healthy with food.

Started seriously thinking about my future, investing in my future I should say.

Got in a car wreck (STILL car-less from that, boo!)

Discovered Aya-Strange Flower and Me’shell Ndegeocello-Devil’s Halo (review coming really soon), the films Revolutionary Road, The 9th Gate, Let the Right One In, and Amelie (now one of my favorite films).


Comments on: "2009" (10)

  1. Wow, a lot has happened to you, my internet homie (thanks for the shoutout…I see you!!!).

  2. You had a wonderful year! Congrats on the completion of your coursework!

  3. You sound productive as a muh-fucka. =D

    Happy New Year, Gemmy!!!!

  4. Happy New Year!
    For the record Cats Rule, Dogs Drool! No, really, Dogs drool!
    Greetings from Long Beach! Sending out Happiness, Joy, Love, Peace, Understanding, Forgiveness, Knowledge of God (IAM) and Self! And a jar of marshmallow fluff cause it wards off clowns! )THEY Evil!

  5. awww. happy new year, gem! wishing you the best in all of your aspirations…your drive is admirable. xo.

  6. BCU *daps*
    CO: Thank you!
    Alicia: Everything sounds productive in list form, lol! My productive 2009 has NOTHING on yours though!
    Mista Jaycee: They both rule! Happy New Year from Houston! I can’t do the marshmallow fluff anymore, it’s not vegan. 😦
    mdc: Thank you lovely! I admire you too!

  7. And a big New Year’s smooch to you my lovely!! 🙂

  8. Desiree: HEY BOO!

    naturallyshe: YAAASSSS on my way over!

  9. *booty clapzz*

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