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New Songs from The Sea

I’d Do It All Again. Her eyes and some of the notes and the ending really got to me.

The Sea. I love the feel of this one.

The Blackest Lily. Cute beat and melody. The album seems to be taking a vintage-sounding route and I can’t wait to hear it in full.

Paris Nights, New York Mornings. Yassss.

I think this one is Closer. This might be my favorite one so far.

I’d Like to Call It Beauty. Very warm and bluesy.

Track listing:

1. Are You Here
2. I’d Do It All Again
3. Feels Like The First Time
4. The Blackest Lily
5. Closer
6. Love’s On Its Way
7. I Would Like To Call It Beauty
8. Paris Nights/ New York Mornings
9. Paper Dolls
10. Diving For Hearts
11. The Sea


Comments on: "New Songs from The Sea" (7)

  1. Ah shat ima need to be home for this and then get

  2. Can't Take It said:

    *happy sigh* Back and better than ever.

    Jan. 26th is MUCH too long a wait. I’m about to preorder this raht now…she will always get my money.

  3. DAMMIT I can’t believe she was at Joe’s Pub and I missed it!!!! I don’t even think I was bust that night, either! GRRRRRRR!

  4. QQ lemme know whatchu think!

    Sherbear: She has my money on lock too. I hope she tours close to me.

    Jaded: To see her live I would sell you into slavery. Real talk. I’d try to barter to get you back later, but initially the sale would happen.

  5. Thanks for posting these….I love her and have been waiting to hear her new stuff….she got me wearing my hair all big now too!!!

  6. i am SO glad you made this post. Too happy Corinne is back in action cause I was wondering if she’d ever come back after her debut. Her voice is mesmerizing.

  7. Monica: Me too! I think she and I went natural around the same time so our hair has grown together, lol

    yours truly: The new songs are going to be so nice, I can’t wait!

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