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Sade Emerges

YAAAASSSSSSSSSS first Corinne Bailey Rae, now Sade! The lovely two multicultural English and British sirens are both coming out with their new albums February 2010! *stanky-legging all in your living room*

Sade’s new album is called Soldier of Love. How BAWSE is the album artwork?! *shrieks*

It’s amazing that it’s been an entire decade since her last album. Sade has hardcore fans. Um, and in case you hoes didn’t know, in her band is the musician Cottonbelly who gets so crunk with the sensual beats. He’s remixed for Esthero, Gregory Isaac (LAWD I love his remix of Night Nurse; listen to it on the Cottonbelly link I just mentioned), and done tracks for Maxwell. His group Sweetback has some nice songs with Maxwell, Amel Larrieux, and instrumentals.

What are your TOP THREE FAVORITE Sade songs thus far? Here are mine.

1. Like A Tattoo

I also posted about this song sometime in 2008.

2. No Ordinary Love

3. Cherish the Day

My favorite Sade ALBUM though, is Lover’s Rock. It just flows so nicely.

By Your Side, All About Our Love, King of Sorrow, Somebody Already Broke My Heart, Feel No Pain, Lover’s Rock, Immigrant, this was a masterpiece album. Listen and groove.

Is it me, or do Sade’s videos take away from the beauty of the songs? I really can’t with some of them.


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    UH. MAH. GAWD!! I don’t keep up with her as much as I should that’s why I’m soooo happy that you do! Otherwise, I might not have known till it was already OUT and I would have been LATE! Ugh…

    Lurve me some Sade!!

  2. yea…im ecstatic about her upcoming album…my favorite three songs of hers are: Lovers Rock, Love Is Stronger than Pride, and Like a Tattoo (cause that one speaks so much of my life)…

    Im uber excited about CBR too…

  3. lovers rock stays in rotation!! fave sade songs of all time: is it a crime, king of sorrow, and love is stronger than pride.

    i can’t wait for a tour. i will be all over it. ALL.OVER.IT!!

    this version of “is it a crime?” rox my sox!:

  4. Kiss of Life, Lovers Rock, and No Ordinary Love.


  5. I have been waiting for this album for soooooooooooooo long!!!! Sade is one of my favorite singers…now if we can just get Lauryn Hill to come back.

  6. BTW, how do you do that comment thing for tumblr???? It won’t work.

  7. Desiree: I try to let the people know *stank pimp laugh*

    Lina: We here on those songs. WE HERE.

    MDC: Love is Stronger than Pride and Is It A Crime are in my top 5 favorite Sade songs.

    Alicia: “Look at the sky! It’s the color of lovvvvve” YAS

    BCU: I commented on your blog about the Tumblr comments.

    I LOVE how everyone is feeling Lover’s Rock.

  8. don’t kill me but the single was just “eh” to me. But I love her to death and will actually go to a store and BUY this CD because I love her so!

    My top three? That’s a tough one, but I will say Jezebel, By Your Side and Stronger Than Pride (that last one has a lot of history for me… LOVE IT TO DEATH!)

    And because I don’t know how to follow directions, I’m gonna throw in Pearls, All About Or Love and No Ordinary Love. And I dare you to punish me!! HMPH!

    • Word?! I like the song a lot! I like the music/beat more than the harmony/lyricism but it’s still a solid Sade song for me. I will buy the CD too and have to see her on tour hopefully.

      It’s ok. I clearly didn’t follow directions either in my own damn post. I love ALL of your songs you chose.

  9. OOOOOOOO my goodness I was geeked as hayelll when I saw my girl was coming back out. She is like rare crack. I stay shaking until my next hit lol.

    Ok so how do I pic my top 3


    No Ordinary Love

    Pearls (woman in somalia)

    Saw her in concert (Lover’s Rock tour) we were maniacs up in there do you hear me??? As a matter of fact I’m posting this outside of ticket master waiting for the tickets to go on sale. Just kidding.

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