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Tofurkey, Wreckz, Snow

So I made a bomb-ass Foodgiving (what I call Thanksgiving) dinner including tofurkey, mashed potatoes and sweet potatoes, macaroni shells, a Moroccan vegetable tagine, and cornbread from scratch. Here’s a pic of the leftovers pre-devastation:

December 1 I got into a car wreck. Came out of it sore but ok. The police report has the other car was clearly at fault, so hopefully the janky-ass insurance of the other party won’t give me any troubles on fixing my car. Car wrecks are one of my two biggest fears in life and I haven’t yet addressed the psychological effects of the accident. It was cold, raining hard, my airbags deployed and knocked my glasses off (I’m pretty blind without them) so I was disoriented for a few. When I replay the horrible sound of the cars hitting and smell that acrid smell mixture of airbags, smoke, and metal, I start panicking and have to stop thinking about it.

December 4 it snowed in Houston for the 3rd time this millenium. It previously snowed December 10, 2008 and December 24, 2004. Before that, it hadn’t snowed since the early ’90s, and before that, sometime in the ’80s. So needless to say, we get truly ignant when it snows here. Everyone’s all enchanted and shit. Peace and harmony, bitches. This year was especially crunk because it snowed HARD and actually STUCK. I have never seen so many broke-ass snowmen in one day in my entire life.

View from our patio

Me being a snow harlot (check out that bawse ass sunset in the background)

Oh, I put some new sunset pics up at my Tumblr in case y’all like the sky and thangs…


Comments on: "Tofurkey, Wreckz, Snow" (8)

  1. Does facing your fear make it any easier, or did it make it worse?

    • Lina: It DEFINITELY did not make it easier, basically just re-affirmed everything I fear about car wrecks. In the blink of an eye, everything can be destroyed.

  2. Glad to hear you’re ok. Accidents can do a number on your psyche. I hydroplaned and hit a pole back when I was in college and STILL am antsy about driving in the rain to this day. Like, almost having a damn panic attack antsy. Ugh.

    And have fun snow-hoeing it up. Keep that. LOL.

  3. *snugs*

    i was nervous when you foist texted me, but im SO glad you’re okay. i get nervous on the road too, you got to be careful for yourself and everyone else too…so ugh.

    on to the snow

    i hate it now cause: you cant eat it. you cant put simple syrup on it and make a snow cone due to global warming. people who eat snow in 2009 are only ingesting toxins and hazardous waste material.

    other than to EAT snow has NO purpose whatsoever.

    there’s the end of my rant.


  4. Glad you’re ok maam….I just gotta smh to that menu of yours…no comment. I try to eat better but i’ve got to draw the line somewhere…

    and snow… Snow is only magical to me b/c it’s magical to kingston.
    Trust if you ever see nyc snow about 10 minutes after it drops you will despise it as much as i do

  5. KB and KM: I should have known y’all New York asses would come hating on this delightful frozen merriment. This is EXACTLY why we get so crunk in Houston because we DON’T have to deal with the Northeast type snow and we RARELY even see snow!

    KB P.S. I really can’t at your snow-eating manifesto.

    KM: Um the only non-traditional thing I had at Thanksgiving was the tofurkey so why you hatin? Everything else seems pretty standard: macaroni, vegetables, mashed potatoes, cornbread…what’s your beef, lol

    P.S. I CANNOT HANDLE your gravatar.

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