My existence is a life-long treasure hunt.


I’ve been tagged more than Great White Sharks during Shark Week on Animal Planet, so it’s time to clear out my cache.
Hahaaa…gotcha bitch! (Me, after being tagged again)
I snagged this one from BCU.
1. My favorite thing about HOUSTON (fill in your city) is the diversity. Ohhhh, I will never take this for granted when I think of cities that don’t have much of a racial/ethnic/nationality mix. I LOVE it. 
My other favorite thing is how we all have a definite Southern Hospitality type friendliness, but on the freeway, it’s all forgotten. Let a bish get in front of you without a turn signal. *cue Kill Bill music*
2. If I wasn’t in my current field of profession (hahahaha what profession?), I would be an English teacher in foreign countries, a Spanish teacher, an author (still gonna secretly work on this), a painter, a psychiatrist, a professor (may or may not be working on this), a librarian, a dog groomer, I could go on.
3. The person I would like most to meet is my maternal grandmother Ruby, who died when my mother was just 4 years old. When I get leisure money, I’m gonna get crunk with a geneaologist for this branch of my family tree.
4. If I had a reality show, it would be called Crunk Unicorn’s Enchanted Townhouse (I put townhouse because otherwise it wouldn’t have been as realistic).
5. One of my favorite things to do is to read. I hate that grad school has taken away all my leisure reading time.
6. My idea of a good time is bowling with funny people and liquor. Or playing games (Trivial Pursuit, Taboo, Scattergories, etc.) with funny people and liquor.
7. My least favorite food is chocolate. Just…barf. The look, the smell, the taste, YUCK! I feel like I say this everytime so let me think what else I don’t like. Mushrooms. Yeah, mushrooms. Disgustamundo.
8. The sexiest thing about a man is his eyes. Eyes filled with desire, love, longing, appreciation, wonder, awe. Sleepy eyes. Crinkly eyes. Deep, bright eyes. YAAASSSS.
9. The one word that describes me best is inquisitive. I need to know details about EVERYTHING. My husband/friends/family can attest to this. I’m all, “Start from the beginning!” with every story. “Start from hello!” Then the questions begin. “But wait how can that be when this is that?” “How do you FEEL about this though?” And so forth.
10. If I could bring back any musician not alive right now, it would be Minnie Riperton. That woman was a GODDESS in the studio. Those high notes? The length of the high notes? The surround-sound feel of her music? Eternal springtime? Yes, yes, a million times yes!
11. I never leave home without forgetting something it seems. I don’t like to be rushed out the door because I will ALWAYS leave something.
12. My season is…really all four. I love different things about all four seasons equally. Autumn is the prettiest time of year to me, with perfect days with breezes, amazing sunrises and sunsets, and the sharp contrast of the changing-color trees and the clear blue skies. Winter brings the holidays which puts people in a really good mood, and it’s just lovey and cozy. Spring is the time I daydream about everything I can accomplish, and it’s also when my birthday is so it’s just festive for all. Summer is when I can travel and just bask in the sunlight like a lizard. It’s peak frolicking season.
13. When I drink, I get chatty and laughy. I will throw my head back and just CACKLE at the slightest thing. It helps if everyone else is laughing too, otherwise I’ll look a little crazy. This definitely happened at the Halloween party but I think I got away with it because EVERYONE was toasted. I’m a lightweight and only drink geigh drinks and I know my limits.
14. The best show on tv is Law and Order, since that’s the only current show I really watch. Don’t get me started on cancelled shows. Or, if you wanna go non-fiction, try The First 48 or I Survived on for size. The Dog Whisperer is pretty bawse too.
15. My favorite city to travel to is…I actually have 3 favorite cities currently. San Francisco, because it’s so romantic with the architecture and the mountains.
San Antonio because Crabby and I always have an awesome time when we go.
Nassau because I can just wander around and RELAX. I’ve been there thrice, and will return in 3 more years for the next reunion.
2008_08 004
16. One thing people don’t know about me is that I have social anxiety in new situations or in a crowd of new people. Crabby’s the only one who knows the degrees of it and how to ease it a bit.
17. What I’m scared of the most is losing someone dear in a car accident. I fear that space if you lose someone suddenly and you’re not aware of it, that small time vaccuum before your life changes. I always think about the deathtraps surrounding me when I drive. I take safe driving extra seriously.
18. One DVD everyone should have in their collection is City of God. I love film experiences that totally immerse you in the surroundings and life stories.
19. Ten years from now, I hope to know wealth. Biblically. bwahahahaha that just makes everything sound more serious.
I taggeth all who readeth this. 

Comments on: "MEME TIME, B*TCHEZ!" (16)

  1. SOOOOOO with you on Minnie Ripperton… I’m so suprised there are even any mirrors or glass surfaces in my house anymore..

  2. ugg i forgot that pic was up 😦

  3. we share similar fears. ive never lost anyone close to me. i also have fears of being destitute.

    cant wait to meetchu! wonder if u gon be noivous, but we already know eachother!

  4. WEEE new Blawg home,

    ever so cunty too

    5. One of my favorite things to do is to read. I hate that grad school has taken away all my leisure reading time.: YAAASSSSSS

    6. My idea of a good time is bowling with funny people and liquor. Or playing games: Dont come unprepared, scrabble and trivial pursuit WILL be played

    • I knew you would look directly to the cunt value of this new blawg! Girl for real just call my bookcase at home The Weeping Bookcase I keep giving it forlorn glances every time I walk by.

  5. I’m loving the new place girl *takes off shoes, fixes a glass of organic juice ’cause I know how you do.*

    You have no love for chocolate????!!!!!!!!! *GASP* WTF!!!!!

    Yessssssss, Minnie is the best!!!!! I would love to talk to her and ask her to sing for me…at my graduation…at my wedding…when I get a promotion…when my brother gets a divorce…just some of the best days of my life.

    • L.O.L. at you gettin’ comfy in the new digs. RIGHT? Can I just have Minnie to sing my life? And yes, I have lost a few friends over the chocolate thing. GROSS!

  6. i concur about them mushrooms. i already told yall they smell like sperm.

  7. The Notorious Z.A.G. said:

    I’m diggin’ the new digs.
    Minnie Ripperton?? Love..and her bush is ON in that pic.

    Mushrooms smell like sperm??! I fell out the gottdamm bed laughing at that one, lmao!!!!!! I love the way mushrooms feel under my shoes when I crush them and grind them into the ground…

    • I’ve already quit Sydney over the mushroom-sperm thing but she came back. I’m too afraid to crush them under my shoes…I feel like they’re enchanted and it might come back to me!

  8. This wasn’t my damn tag!!!


  9. Looooovvvinnnggggg youuuuuuuu is ez cuz ur beeeaauuuttiiifffullllllll.

    I used to sing that song around my house when my kids were little…and now my babies daddy thinks of me anytime he hears it…he laughs too…

    lalalalala lalalalala lalalalalalalala
    weeee ooohhhh eewwwwwww


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