My existence is a life-long treasure hunt.

*10,000 cool points to whoever finishes that line first.

Here are the tame pics of me and Crabby gettin’ crunk and holy for Halloween. This was the best Halloween ever. In addition to Father and Sister Gem, there were Riley and Huey Freeman from The Boondocks, a sexy cop and baseball player, a monster, zombies, pirates, old school basketball players, a French maid, a woman in male drag, a hunter, a prisoner, a hood vampire (complete with jheri curl), a pimp, Wonder Woman, vampire queen, 2 doctors, and some other assorted fuckery.

Also, October 2009 marked 4 years since I did the “Big Chop” and went natural on all you hoes. Here’s a pic of my growth 4 years out.

This is unstretched length, stretched, my hair reaches almost elbow-length. Feel free to hit me up if you have any hair-related questions (
-Also, I was asked to be a bridesmaid in a wedding next year; I’m super crunk over that.
-I love my Crabbypatty (he’s going to kill me for that nickname, blame KB).
Check my Tumblr page for some pictures I took in October. Skies, sunrises, sunsets, and rainbows.
-‘Chall do this weekend?

Comments on: "This Year Halloween Fell On A Weekend…*" (10)

  1. InnyVinny said:

    YOUR HAIR. I need to re-go natural for the 4th time…hmmmm…

    I'm mad at you for being a pregnant nun.

    As for my weekend, I got drunk, was surrounded by a whole lotta Japanese folks I didn't know, and tried to put a cat-friendly necktie on my cat. It didn't work out…at all…

  2. Ms. Insatiable said:

    4 years. Wow. That’s hot. Your hair looks great. And um *ahem cough cough* still waiting on that email. LOL

  3. Caspar608 said:

    a dignified pregnant nun at that.


    I dig, I dig.

  4. karrie b. said:

    the indignant look on BOTH you and Crabbypatty's faces is mainly what i can't handle.

    i wanna see the O_O pics naowwww.

    this was the worst halloween i've had, but we won't go there.

    the pregnant nun is symbolic, my nig. YOU AINT SLICK!

  5. karrie b. said:

    and your hairrrrrrrrrrrrrr

    can i haz?

  6. I tagged you…and I yes, I know I haven’t done your tag yet. I’ll do it. Swears!!!

  7. PoliBohoGlam said:

    me and geto boys are trick or treatin’.

  8. PoliBohoGlam said:

    Thank my gangsta.

  9. I tagged you…and I yes, I know I haven’t done your tag yet. I’ll do it. Swears!!!

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