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Serena Williams is on one of several covers for ESPN magazine this month. There have been comments going around on various websites about this cover that run the gamut of opinions. What’s interesting is that the negative comments I have seen are coming mostly from black women. Comments such as Serena’s being exploitated by white men, she’s whoring herself out, she has fallen into the trap of showin’ naked ass, she’s reduced herself to a sexual object and thus can no longer be a role model, etc.

Others have rightly pointed out white women who have posed nude for magazines and have been called graceful, beautiful, artistic, etc. Serena’s cover is posed pretty much the same way as these and yet she doesn’t get these same comments.

I personally don’t see how you can look at this cover and not see a celebration of a well-sculpted human form that has served as the foundation for greatness in sport. She looks BEAUTIFUL here. All that chocolatey, dazzling skin with her curves is just stunning. I mean, Serena is a straight brickhouse. However, she is NOT bent over, booty cheeks spread open for the world to take a looksie. She is not spread-legged, crotch all out. There are no tittays all in our face. This is as artistic as you can get, especially for sports.

Black female sexual repression is alive and kicking, and surfaces almost daily in judgmental words. I’m not here to start a revolution, but I can definitely point out these pockets of historical effects manifesting themselves in people.

Point blank, this is a celebration, bitches. Not exploitation. Not whoring.


Comments on: "Serena Williams and Body Image" (21)

  1. No more need be said. Co-mufucking-sign.

  2. Vesper de Vil said:

    I'm with you all the way. I think it's a beautiful picture.

  3. a BIG OL Amen to this post!

    i think the cover is dope.

    if it had been Maria Sharapova it would have been celebrated in all her porcelain-ness.


  4. Myne Whitman said:

    I definitely share your opinion. Serena remains a role model especially with these pics. A strong, bold, beautiful and confident woman.

  5. Beautifully.Conjured.Up said:

    People need to stop bitching…

    …because if I had the chance to cover my sensual chocolate with some baby oil and grace the cover ot a magazine w/o showing all of my pubic hairs to society, I would do it too.

  6. people need to take their judgmental comments about black female exploitation and direct them to trashy rap videos and twerking youtube videos.

  7. See, this is exactly why I don't read commentary. People always have hate in their eyes. Ugh. Just UGH.

  8. Jamaicafest said:

    Great post. Agree with everything said.

  9. karrie b. said:

    basically twin.

    i see other celebs (unworthy of a mention) tootin up that ass and bustin it wide open for that camera DAILY

    this cover is classy and chocolatey. i want everyone hatin to chew on her ass.


  10. RAEthoven said:

    i love the cover!

  11. Do you, Serena!

    A built body is just as beautiful as the slim ones society keeps tossing in our faces.

    Actually, it's more beautiful.

    I LOVE this cover.

  12. FUD's Momma said:

    We have this issue at the house, and if you get a chance you should pick it up. It is truly motivation to get into the gym. I think Serena rocks for showing off them thick thighs!

  13. ChocolateOrchid said:

    ITA! This is a beautiful photo.

  14. No doubt, hands down that is a beautiful picture. Serena is gorgeous – period. I just wish she didn't have such a stank attitude because it really does make you uglier.

  15. Yet another reason that I'm giving up sugar and hitting the gym harder now. She has the body of a freakin goddess!

  16. Caspar608 said:

    Serena is a goddess.

    I'm glad she threatened to kill a bish too. She must have had PMS…it showed the humanity inside the goddess.

    As for the cover. Tasteful, elegant, playful, beautiful, stunning…

    I'd rather see Serena than Demi Moore's big naked pregnant ass. Wasnt nobody talking bout whoring then…

  17. Folks really need to mind their own damned business!

  18. i'm so through with haters. let a nekkid white lady get on the cover of a mag and they'll call it tasteful. ain't nothin sexual or degrading about serena. it's pure chocolatey goodness.

  19. AMEN!!!!!!

  20. I agree. She looks hot!

  21. Damn. Her body is so cold, it’s useless to even hate. She is bad as hell!

    Folks stay hating on beautiful, sexy, successful intelligent black women. I say get out of your place and stay out your place. Don’t let nobody convince you to hide your light. What many hate is to have to compete with people who know their own power. This is why we have been programmed against ourselves. It keeps us out of the game and keeps all the winnings in others hands and away from us.

    Serena is a beautiful, powerful Goddess. Folks will stay trying to put her light out.

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