My existence is a life-long treasure hunt.

Ok so I know I gave thanks and stuff a couple of posts ago but I want to recant at this time, my friendship with Karrie B. Bloggies, do not befriend people such as her and let them into your life, e-mail, and phone. Otherwise you subject your inbox to stuff such as this:

The subject title of this picture was: Gem Nomming.

I’m upset at so many things, as discussed with Karrie and QQ. Why does it look like a pony-sized bite was actually taken out of the tomato? Why is she gazing at the tomato so lovingly and smirking about how her lunch has more swagger than yours? The way her pink and white locks are in a breezy fresh roller-set style…

Let this be a warning to those who open your hearts to bloggers. Love is a losing game.


Comments on: "Warning To My Readers: Never Befriend A Blogger" (24)

  1. LMAO Hilarious.

    You and Karrie are hilarious. That's a good one

  2. HAHA!

  3. Cheron L. Hall said:


  4. HAHAHAHA!!! Yall are tooo much. HATECHALL/LOVEYALL…

  5. Grabs on to prayer hanky:

    Why won't you tell your readers that THIS is your effigy while Karrie comes here to visit with me to do tough things?

    Why won't you tell em WHO demanded to in fact be represented as such?? *side eye*

    Why won't we discuss the fact that Karrie DOESN'T even EAT tomatoes?? So I sat here questioning where would she even GET that to feed her Gem??

    or how Beatific and shit Does My Little Gem look?

    Where did She find it?

    I have so many questions but hardly an answer

    Ya'll some coons I don't even know why we stay talking

  6. also Don't hate, you KNOW the hair be Luxurious!

  7. mrs. mary mack said:

    ROFLMAO!!!! Dame shame what they did to that pony.

  8. *prances in*

    whaaaaaaaaa? i know Gem is vegan so i gave her some tomato from my chicken sammich

    Gem: dont ack like you don't love me no more! i had your best interest @ heart

    @ QQ: pshhhhhh you knew i was ready to HORK that sangwich you made me last summer right?

  9. Myne Whitman said:

    That had me laughing. LOL

  10. QQ: I may have demanded spiritual representation while y'all were canoodling in Flawda, but I didn't understand at what cost this would come. I'm mad it's like the Pony has always been there.

    KB: I need to add the 'vegan' label to this post.


  11. Beautifully.Conjured.Up said:


    …now I'm hungry for a tomato sammich…

  12. Vesper de Vil said:

    Hahaha soooo cute!

  13. …wow. not even a carrot. horses dont eat no mayters! they like apples and carrots.

    the pony is going to have the runs.

    sorry, Gem.

  14. …which basically means Gem is gonna gamble on a poot and lose.


  15. I'm SO ANGRY That Cas came to correct stuff with facts and examples and runny horseys

    I'm mad Karrie been texting me about walking Spikey and Gem when she comes and also her worries about whether spicky would go buck on Gem-in-efiggy or not

    I hate that this is happeneing

  16. nonotthejacket said:

    ROTFL!!!! That pic had me curled up at my desk yesterday!

    Well Gem-in-absentia won't go hongray because she can sure as hell have my tomatoes, too! The real question is how we're going to be able to take any pictures with straight faces this weekend…

    Do you think we need anything to entice Spikey to befriend the coiffed pony? Like spray her with Eau-de-Iams or Fire Hydrant or something?

  17. nonotthejacket said:

    BWAHAHAHA!! QQ I didn't even see that you'd written Gem-in-effigy…

    It's gonna be some serious boolshyt popping off this weekend. Y'all biggities best have bail money and sexual-favor IOUs

  18. Y'all mutha-suckas just made my shitty day a whole lot brighter. Praise Jah!

  19. Cas: I'm literally shaking with laughter at the thought of the precious diva sassy pony all bedazzled up with RUNS!! *hollering* But what about ponies though? Or pony-corns even? They can have tomatoes right? I'm really hurt at your use of "mayters".

    KB: Sheeit, if it's the runs it ain't just a loss. The whole casino loses and will be shut down for business.


  20. The Notorious Z.A.G. said:

    LOL, this was magically delicious!!
    Reminds me of the 'mater sammiches my GranPappy (shout out to my Pop xoxo forever nd ever nd ever!!) usta make. Mmmm… And Pony Gem is styling with that rollerset! Too cute..

  21. PoliBohoGlam said:

    This is the most fantastical thing I've seen this week!

  22. *sprinkles glitter and fruity pebbles all over this post*

  23. RAGING BULL said:

    Atleast you got represented….

    I didn't see not namnotta pic of a jar of Mayonaise nomming on anything, or a pack of bacon on an airplane, or having a drank and getting crunked up to do tough things or nothing.

    I'm kinda jealous of Nomming ass Gem.

  24. RAGING BULL said:

    ….fugg y'all….but I'm bout to munch on these fruity pebbles.

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