My existence is a life-long treasure hunt.

A boy found a pink grasshopper in a nature reserve recently. Pink insects are rare, but can pop up from time to time. How much you wanna bet they J-set every Friday for no reason?

Pink grasshopper

Pink Katydid

Pink Dragonfly

Peeped here.

Also, have a song to take you through the weekend. I usually don’t like “feel-good” songs, but this one is irresistable with the bass and instrumentation in the background combined with the floaty vocals and lyrics. Turn it up loud and jam. Ok, BAI.

Weather – Amel Larrieux


Comments on: "Pink Insects: The Cuntiest in the Land" (10)

  1. I think they do the Halle Ber-rAY dance near shallow pools of water so they can see themselves.

  2. Beautifully.Conjured.Up said:

    And let's not forget…they vogue to B. Scott's Glamour and Glitter while putting that bass in their walk, RuPaul style…

    …or is that just me????

  3. Myne Whitman said:

    I like the song, very nice. Thanks

    I think I've seen a pink grasshopper once.

  4. AND they only eat glitter. 1@#%!

  5. Cheron L. Hall said:

    omg, how cute!

  6. -_- @ innyvinny

    Gem, please nvr post again.

    BAI cunt

  7. I am NOT gonna come here to chastise you over "J-setting every Friday for no reason?"

    Only to have InnyVinny and my very own Buttercup Cutting up a fool

    I Wont and as such



    BCU: I'm so weak cause I can visualize the insects and you doing this.

    MW: I'm glad you liked it! You should've captured the grasshopper and used it for good magic.

    Chanel: But of course!

    Cheron: I'm enchanted!

    KB: *crying rainbows* I thought you would enjoy this most of all, what with the J-setting.

    QQBerry: I'm glad you realize that I am not the entire problem here. The angry face was a dagger to my heart though.

  9. ChocolateOrchid said:

    Pank insects! Woman, you find some of the most outlandish, off da cuff ish.

    I luv it!!

  10. Mother Nature was eating psychadelic shroom casserole when she made these pretty pink bugs.

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