My existence is a life-long treasure hunt.

Feelin’ It

Love, that is. In it’s various forms. I just want to hand out some virtual wildflowers today (I don’t eff with cut flowers anymore) to people who make life interesting.

I’ve mentioned before how I am constantly amazed at how technology brings together people who probably would never have met otherwise. I have met and “met” some dear people online; many who have turned into true friends who I know I can reach out to.

I was just reading the blog of a blogger who died very recently, and reading the comments on her last post reinforces the importance of the connection that so many of us feel to people we know online.

Knowing that I’ve inspired people in the virtual world to go natural, maintain their natural hair, and go vegetarian or vegan (or even reduce their meat) means a lot to me.

The virtual friend I’ve known the longest is a dude that goes by DJWaltd. We “met” on Blackplanet (LAWD) back in like, 2001 or 2002 (no funny business, just friendship) and are still friends today just shooting the breeze every now and then about music, books, TV Shows (always quoting The Simpsons for something), etc.

Muze is the first blogging friend I made. She was my very first consistent commenter on this blog, and always made me feel like I was saying something interesting when I didn’t think anyone was reading. She linked me on her blog and is responsible for a lot of my early blog traffic because her blog was already crunk. She is an extremely talented writer and phenomenal woman all around. I love how she stays positive in almost every situation and retains a bit of mystique while sharing some of her most personal stories. We missed each other when I was in Detroit last time, but I know I’ll see her one day! Thank you Muze, for being you!

Karrie B is my best blog homie right now. We are pixie twins; the shortest, fun-size bloggers you know. I lurked on her blog for a long time (I believe I found it through Muze), then we began chatting on Twitter about ain’t shit type things. Months later, we talk in some form (phone, gmail, twitter, text, yahoo) every day. What I love about our friendship is we can say absolutely anything or share anything, and the other person will not even bat an eye. No judgment. Just honest assessments and advice.

QQ is another one whose blog I had lurked on forever. I lurked on C&D back in 2006 and 2007 and I remember her from there as well. She is one of the most forthright, intelligent, funny, and kind people I know. There are Gmail threads every day between her, myself, Karrie, Slaus, Bully, Sherri and Terri that keep us all wheezing for breath and cackling and for that I am thankful.

Vesper inspires me with her creativity and her expressions about life. We have e-mailed back and forth (I still owe you one!) about life, love, career, health, TV shows, whatever.

Mrsmarymack and I have also e-mailed and shared texts back and forth about family choices, careers, dreams, etc. She is my go-to person for advice and tips on certain areas of life and we can always make each other laugh with our Dallas vs. Houston rivalries in ain’t-shitness.

TheJadedNYer, Kingsmomma, ChocolateOrchid, Chanel, BCU, Cheron, InnyVinny, and Sydney all keep me looking forward to our chats and their blog posts. I love chatting with Lina, and I hope she brings her blog back because she has a lot to say and I love how she says it.

Cas is a fierce warrior for righteousness and I learn so much from her everytime I read one of her posts. I look forward to continuing chats with her.

My Blisslife homies, linked in our admiration of one of the most inspirational artists out there (Amel Larrieux) provide a haven to come relax and share. I am thankful for the presence of 2Serenity, Ness, Sacha, Tanijoy, SoulReflection, and SS1.

To the peeps who follow and/or lurk on my blog, thank you for reading and finding what I have to say interesting or entertaining. School and work have left me little time to read as many blogs as I want, so know that I read your blogs when I can, even if I don’t comment. Also, I chat with so many wonderful people on Twitter; too many to name. I have made friends with several people on there, even people from my own city. Bawse.

I’m also really feeling the love for Crabby. 4 years strong as a couple, and it’s a nice feeling. We are at a point where THINGS and STUFF are closer instead of a distant horizon and it’s a funny, buzzy feeling.

I’m also reading blogs from people who were in NYC on 9/11/2001. I was in college, in a class when it happened. A classmate was getting news updates on his phone and said out loud, “A plane has hit the WTC in NY.” We turned on the TV in the classroom. As it became apparent what was happening, the buzz of people’s voices grew louder. Class was dismissed. People poured out into the hallways from other classrooms. People left. Went home. My school was downtown, and it was jammed with traffic of other people leaving work to go home. People were confused and scared. Houston is a space, energy, and medical hub in this country. Could we be in danger too? The rest was a blur; I just remembered being glued to the TV once I got home. The fact that so much video was obtained forever stands out to me; as I am a visual person, I need to see things. My thoughts are with the people who experienced this first-hand and/or lost someone today. My thoughts are also with anyone who is hurting right now, be it from loss, heartbreak, disappointment, whatever.

One of my favorite Coldplay songs (and one of my favorite songs, period), Sparks:

Sparks – Coldplay


Comments on: "Feelin’ It" (19)

  1. Very Nice post.

    I was sitting in high school when they made that announcement. Still can't beleive it.

  2. Thanks sweets…and unicorn love to you, ya fam and crabby.

    I was getting ready to go to work when I heard about the plane crashes.

  3. Beautifully.Conjured.Up said:

    Beautiful post today.

    9/11 will forever be etched in my memory and my heart for various reasons, and I just wanted to say thank you for talking about it in such a way that allows us to reflect on it while also coming closer to you in getting to know what you experienced from it…


  4. Vesper de Vil said:

    Love you!

  5. Wow. I'm floored by Nikki's passing. Damn. I just heard my sand's fiance passed this last weekend.

    I just want to hug people at all this bad news.

  6. Cheron L. Hall said:

    Wow…I didn't follow her blog, but I vaguely remember passing through…may she rest in peace…

    I feel honored to be mentioned, my blog started out as a place for me to babble my whatever's and slowly grew into something much more fulfilling and I'm thankful to get feedback from you… can be a beautiful & unexpected pleasure…

  7. The Jaded NYer said:

    aw, bubby… thanks for the love. No one writhes on the floor of my comments like you do *hugs*

    I wish I was a music person so I could produce a crunk version of Til The Cops Come Knocking just for you and crabby. *calls Lil John* OKAAAYYYY!


  8. thanks for mentioning me. : )

    it is quite an honor to be thought of highly by someone who reminds me of angel food cake…always good, light and airy…: )

    butteflies, rainbows, and sunshine to you too Gem. : )

    Love, Cas

  9. aw. thanks babe!

    i remember coming to your blog and thinking how much more interesting you were than i was. lol.

    glad to have made a friend. ๐Ÿ™‚

    one of the things i love about the internet is the opportunity it provides to interact with people you otherwise would have never.

    so sad about Nikki. i had no clue SHE was the blogger they were speaking of. that's incredibly sad.

    thank you again, love. hope all is well. ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. GOD, I LOVE THIS SONG!! I kept seeing it on your twitter and shiz. I first heard this song on Wedding Crashers and knew it was Coldplay and searched and searched for it. Good pick!!!

    Just the other day I was thinking of people that I feel like I know but have never even met and I was like, seriously, if I saw Tamara on da streets I'd be like HEY GIRL LET'S GRAB A DRINK OR SOMETHING. Thank you for being awesome and including me as one of your online friends, that means so much to me ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. Weeeeee minipixielators ARE thee bestesest! Stoopid as hell but a sister in ignorance if there ever was, one of the better parts of my workweek *swoon* thanks for the love …I adore that coldplay song!

  12. mrs. mary mack said:

    awww Thank you hun! I'm feeling the love too- it must be in the blog-air! Maybe one day soon we'll be able to meet in person share a slab of ribs or some other non-vegan variety meat. LOL

  13. Myne Whitman said:

    Nice post of you, we need to remeber and tell those we care for before they pass on. Well done.

  14. mannnn everyone knows you cant mention your name without mentioning mine & vice versa. dont make sense how much we have in common. i think we went ONE DAY without speaking (oh, cause pixies do tough things during the week) and i was like 'AWWW MAN, i miss Tammy Faye!'.

    maybe its best we dont live in the same state right now. no one needs us riding around in blue geo's or carving pumpkins on ppls porches right now. (re: mrsmarymack's dream)

    luh you!

    *sprinkles glitter and confetti all over this post*

    gonna read that chics blog naow.

  15. KM: Thank you dahling.

    Lina: *sprinkles rainbows*

    BCU: Thank you! Sharing experiences and hearing so many different perspectives is really important for me to grasp a situation.

    Vesper: Love you too!

    Inny: I hate the way death hits people, like when they actually realize "this person is gone and there's nothing I can do about it".

    Cheron: Your stories always have me hooked!

    Jaded: Why can I actually hear the song in my head? If you weren't a Gemini, I would have ended this friendship months ago.

    Cas: Angel Food Cake! I wish you knew how delighted I am over that.

    Muze: That is a high compliment that you thought I was that interesting being the creative and driven person that you are.

    Chanel: I only recently found out Sparks was on Wedding Crashers from my sister-in-law; I had no idea and I've seen the movie twice! We would so get a drink. A blue one, cause those are yummy.

    Q: Your comment was so full of breezy joy and casually tousled hair, that I almost can't.

    MMM: *cries* You're gonna try fried garlic tofu and you're gonna LOVE IT!

    MW: Most definitely! Thank you, lady!

  16. Nice post. It's crazy when I think about how many people I've met off the internet, and the even greater number of others whose incredible character and creativity I've just enjoyed through their writings, like yours for example.

    And as much as I want to hate Coldplay, "Sparks" won't let me. Nice choice.

  17. KB: *Master P No Limit beat* Pumpkins and Geos lil Karrie WE BOUT THAT

    Sandman: I know! Your blog always keep me reading and cackling. I'm glad you didn't try to fight Sparks. Let it take you away.

  18. RAGING BULL said:

    Ddddddaaaammmmnnn, I read the first few lines and was "WHAT?? NIKKI DIED????

    Holy shit, I have read in a while, but there was a period a couple years ago where I stayed on her joint.


    Makes you really think, huh?

    I never thought about it til now, but you die, and your blog lives on forever. I think its kinda cool (or, close enough).

  19. ChocolateOrchid said:

    Whoa. I'm sorry to read about the blogger who past.

    I definitely feel you on the connections that you make thru technology. I was just expressing that to my bf earlier. It's really amazing.

    I love the fact that since I began blogging, I've met some of the coolest and nicest folk (including you Gem).

    Sending virtual flowers back at cha!

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