My existence is a life-long treasure hunt.

Monica was so cute and sassy in the 90s. This video and song are heavily linked to a lot of high school memories. Flirting with Crabby, basketball, summer changing to fall, and fashion. I just HAD to have a white and khaki outfit after being influenced by this video. I think I was trying to find a khaki skirt and couldn’t, so settled for some khaki capris and a white tank top. LAWD.

Homegirl at the 2:18 mark was trippin’ though. Bish, do you hear the lyrics to the song? All hot and bothered being a hussy on somebody’s couch. Where are your parents? Anyhoo, I thought it was a nice message for teenagers since this came out my sophomore year (I think) of high school. It didn’t avoid the fact that there is temptation out there for girls, but firmly said “not now” with a cute little beat.


Comments on: "I Love the 90s Friday: The 1st Night" (7)

  1. Wow, this reminds me of middle school O_o lol
    I'm always surprised by how loaded with sexual innuendos my childhood songs are. Like that one Toni Braxton song "I often think of you inside of my private parts" or whatever she says. Yea, I KNEW ALL DEM SONGS

  2. p.s check out the post i made for you

  3. This takes me back…

  4. Girl You so extra and stoopid for no reason for trying to get you THE outfit1.. a mess!

  5. I definitely did the white and khaki too when this song came out! lol. That is so crazy. But yeah, I love me some Monica!

  6. what year did this come out heffa? i remember the song well but since you say you were 15 i'll roll wit it. which means i was 12…

    anywhoooooooo all of us tried to put a clip thingy in our hair and tried to get the hairstyle monica had but of course i couldnt relax it so i had napz while everyone else flounced their new do. i remember feeling like "fluck yall"

    okay BAI

  7. Chanel: Yes don't even get me started on Jodeci, Silk'nem.

    InnyVinny: Put on some white and khaki and let's do a totally improvised dance routine with friends who conveniently know how to break dance.

    Q: Girl I was never a khaki person (still ain't) but I was HUNTING to find me a khaki skirt, skort (LAWD), SOMETHING!

    Anon: At least it wasn't assless chaps; Monica is such a positive influence.

    KB: I'm sure yo little bad ass does remember it, my fellow No Limit Soldier. You know what I may have been 14, because I think this came out my sophomore year. *stifling sniggles* picturing your version of Monica's hairdo while everyone else is all Just For Me-ing it up.

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