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Robot Chicken Gummy Bear



Comments on: "Robot Chicken Gummy Bear" (10)

  1. La Maravilla said:

    I have every single season on DVD. Robot Chicken is the truth lol. Did you ever see the one with the Panda Bear? It's from the 1st season, great stuff!

  2. Mwahahahahahahhahahahahahahh

    *tears at work*


  3. La Maravilla: I don't think I've seen the panda one! I'll look it up.

    QQ: The cackles are non-stop after you watched this, am I right?

  4. Is everything the voice, the scream!!?!??! The scream makes my life so many ways!

  5. The Jaded NYer said:

    I cannot stand you for this clip. AT. ALL.

    I will never get that gummy bear scream out of my head now.

  6. InnyVinny said:

    That's my favorite clip from that show. LOLOL

  7. LMAO @ the shrieking!! hehehe i watched it twice, thanks alot for making my cheeks hurt.

  8. Beautifully.Conjured.Up said:

    Is it wrong that I feel bad for the gummy bear but yet still want to eat a pack of gummy bears???

  9. Vesper de Vil said:

    OMG! I laughed so hard I cried!

  10. Y'all, I have been watching this at least once a day. It's the new apple, keeping the Dr. away and such.

    BCU, I miss the Berry Gummy Lifesavers SO MUCH. That and mac-n-cheese are the only things I missed when I went vegan. And besides, she ate her own leg off so you can't be wrong for wanting another gummy bear snack!

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