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Frito Pie

~It has come to my attention that many people outside of Texas have no idea what a Frito Pie is. Upon learning this news, I clutched my pearls, fell back against the wall and slid down sobbing. The f*** y’all mean y’all don’t know what a Frito Pie is?! So it is my job to educate the masses. If you want the non-vegan version, I invite you to accept Google as your Lord and Savior.
~Growing up, Frito Pies were part of pretty much every Texan child’s memories. Bowling alleys, skating rinks, various events were associated with the little Fritos bag opened with steaming hot chili and a fork inside.
~My vegan version is adapted a bit from the childhood frito pies. I use:
-Amy’s Vegetarian Chili (the green can, medium level of spiciness)
-Diced tomatoes
Nooch for that creamy, cheesy type taste
-Boca Ground Beef Crumbles
~Combine everything except the Fritos in a pot and heat. Pour some over a bowl-o-Fritos. Nom to death. Be satisfied.
~Dearest bloggies, won’t you make a Frito Pie with me this summer? They’re also good in winter. I swear to you they taste like liberty and justice for all. You’re welcome.

Comments on: "Frito Pie" (13)

  1. FunkyHeadHunter said:

    Girl no you didn't go there with the frito pie!!! When I was a little kid there was a hot dog stand in the neighborhood that sold frito pies. Then the rodney king riots went down and so did the hot dog stand. haven't had one since, but I remember that s***!

  2. Beautifully.Conjured.Up said:

    I had no idea what a Frito Pie was until I went to high school in TN…Chattanooga to be exact. I thought it was nasty and ugly looking…until I was hungry one day and had nothing to eat, but they were serving Frito Pies in the student lounge…damn right I ate one and loved it!!!!

    Sooooooooo…I'm going to have to try the meatless version and let you know how it went.

  3. The Jaded NYer said:

    if I didn't know any better I'd think you were tryna turn me into a vegan *SIDE EYE* because this recipe sounds YUM as is, PLUS I saw some vegan blog you recommended to someone and am hooked on their recipes.


    *sips soy milk in anger*

  4. Nigga! the whole time I'm reading this with my face contorted in disgust!

    I thought this would be a celebratory post about our doggies Frito feetsies!


    I feel violated by the vileness of this recipe! Good day madam!

  5. InnyVinny said:

    Umm, we just got chili and cheese poured into a bag of Fritos off of the ice cream truck…y'all bein' all saditty and shit calling it a 'pie.'


  6. mrs. mary mack said:

    I love Frito Pie but err umm I'ma have to throw some beef on mine! LOL

  7. This looks yummy. I might actually try it.

  8. FHH: Bring them back into your life; they're wonderful!

    BCU: Keep me posted, I just know you'll love the meatless version.

    Jaded: BWAHAHAAAA my evil plan is working. Can you even sip something in anger? The visual is making me giggle.

    QQ: *covers Frito Pie's ears* BLASPHEMY! I'ma make you try one and will be promptly accepting your apology.

    InnyVinny: I am Texan. Texans will make a feast out of a meal any day and fancy up the names wherever possible. Frito. Pie. DON'T HATE!

    MMM: You carnivore! I betcha if I gave you the meatless version you wouldn't even know the difference. I have fooled several meat-eaters and laughed heartily afterward.

    Aisha: Try it! That's an order!

  9. Mista Jaycee said:

    Frito Pie Rox! Don't forget the cumin and the Chillies!

  10. karrie b. said:

    *looks @ the comments and backs out slowly, cause i aint had nan frito pie when i lived in dallas*

    you gon make me some when i visit h-tahn, right?

  11. Diva (in Demand) said:

    I just found your blog via Curly Nikki and as a native Texan…da hell you mean people don't know about frito pies! You mean they don't eat those everywhere? Seriously? I don't understand…confusion is setting in. LOL I'm about to ask my Chicago in-laws about this nonsense…surely they know what a frito pie is! LOL

    Thanks for the vegan interpretation!

  12. Mista Jaycee: Mmmm, cumin. Chili peppers are too spicy for me; I have grandpa taste buds :-/

    KB: *yanks your Texan citizenship away*

    Diva: Girl my head was ALL MESSED UP when I came to that realization. Frito pies defeat terrorists!

  13. I've never heard of a frito pie until reading this post. I guess we learn something new everyday! Sounds like a recipe that I won't ever try, but kudos to you for creating a vegetarian version!

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