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Comments on: "Sup" (11)

  1. La Maravilla said:

    D: Am I the only one who finds it even more creepy because he kept swinging his tail? *shudders*

  2. Little Miss Knobody said:

    I can't…The cat looks mad comfortable in that position. Not natural! LOL!

  3. Kingsmomma said:

    1st: how in the hell do you fnd this stuff?

    but that cat is just sitting there all nonchantly chilling. Hilarious. That's one cool cat though

  4. Beautifully.Conjured.Up said:

    OMG, is this real???!!!

  5. mrs. mary mack said:

    I hate you for this.

  6. karrie b. said:

    hell is hot.

  7. HAHA

  8. Qucifer said:

    Really Gem?? Really?? whyfor?

    *spicky has been caught out there like that on sad occasions*

  9. ChocolateOrchid said:

    Da hell?!…..

    1st: What's up w/the wide-eyed nonchalant look the cat gave the camera-person, at first? It was as if the cat was thinking ,"Oh..hey Joe. How's it hangin' today?"

    2nd: Then kitty started relaxing her eyes as if she was in "laid-back" mode. Was it really getting that good to her.

    3rd: The cat is swinging her tail as if it's just another day at the beach. WTH?!!

    Is this kitty in some sort of identity crisis or did someone really train her to do this type of stuff?…

    Wild stuff, Gem!! Gotta luv it!!

  10. CO: I KNOW! Like nothing at all was amiss.

    Everyone: The fuck effort slouch is what's killing me softly. I can't, and I will never be able to.

  11. Oh my goosh! HA-LARRY-RE-US! I have a cat and I've seen her twist up in some crazy positions just to lick her butt, but this is weird but so funny! @ ChocO I have tears streaming from your comment!! Funny!

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