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Pygmy Jerboa

As cute as this little Pokemon-looking creature is, if I saw homie hobbling through my hallway my first instinct will still be to reach for the nearest flamethrower (yes, I have several flamethrowers, don’t you?). When my husband and I saw this, we were expecting it to attack the camera and then you would just see blood everywhere for no reason. But it didn’t. What a cutie!

Pygmy Jerboas are apparently the smallest rodents in the world and are found throughout Central Asia.

Originally peeped here via my husband.


Comments on: "Pygmy Jerboa" (8)

  1. karrie b. said:

    2 aint shyt ppl.

    match made in hades.


  2. Alicia/InstantVintage said:

    it’s a half rat on stilts…very pokemon-esque indeed.

  3. Little Miss Knobody said:

    That’s a rat dammit! LOL

  4. ChocolateOrchid said:


    Flamethrowers ???
    It’s a cutie but still a rodent. Therefore, it could not live in my house.


  5. it looks like a hamster with baby chicken feet.

    that thing should be called a chickster.

    *makes note to self: buy gem a chickster for christmas*

  6. oh yeah and i dont like how at :45 it appears to be using its tail as dildo of some sorts.

    *steals your unicorn and flies away leaving a trail of glitter and tears*

  7. ChocolateOrchid said:

    Upon second viewing, it is “freakishly” cute. I do see a need for flamethrowers.


  8. EW WHAT THE FUCK wow i would def be all over that with my house shoe

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