My existence is a life-long treasure hunt.

Today is my 25th birthday! I’ll wait while you cabbage patch, tootsie roll, butterly, booty clap, and/or stanky leg appropriately.

Done? Mm-kay. I don’t feel old or young. I just feel important. I feel I am at a stage in life where things are about to start happening; where the foundation of my peak adult years will start being poured (you pour foundation right?). I see things looming on the horizon of the future and I am not afraid. I am excited.

My bloggies, here is how y’all can help me celebrate my birthday. You must do all of the following, because it’s my birthday and I said so.

1.) Stop by the comment box and tell me how you found my blog and what keeps you coming back. Is there anything you want me to blog about in particular? YES, EVEN ALL YOU LURKERS, just for this one day, de-lurk and give me some feedback.

2.) Ask me anything. ANY question you want to know and I will answer it in an upcoming blog.

Can’t wait to hear your responses! I’m off to bowl drunkenly and chillax. Then this weekend, I’ll be headed to San Francisco to see my favorite singer perform. Have a great my birthday Memorial Day and be safe.

My 22nd birthday in 2006:

I was only 7 months natural here, look at my Chia fro!

My 23rd birthday in 2007:

My 24th birthday in 2008:

Comments on: "Quarter Century Milestone" (20)

  1. Happy B-Day again!!!

    1. I found your joint when you commented on my post on the fickle nature of a Gemini.

    2. How did you know he was the one?

  2. thehoustongirl said:

    Happy Birthday [AND Memorial Day] My bday was May 9 [turned 25 too]and I had to share it with MOTHERS DAY the next day so meh! Taking away from my birthday shine lollll

    I really can’t remember how I ran across your blog…most likely reading a comment of yours and decided to check ya blog out. I read it/liked it and been following you eversince 😀

    question: Oh man I really don’t have one :I

    is that bad? lol happy birthday again 😀

  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!! YAYYY

    1)I found your blog after you were the first person ever to comment on my blog! I’ve been coming back because you’re interesting, funny, delightful and amazing. The only thing I request you do is blog as often as you always have!
    2)How’d you meet your hubby? Tell us the looove story (unless you already have and I have just missed it lol)

  4. ChocolateOrchid said:


    Let's see, you left a comment on my blog and I checked you out from there and instantly fell for your writing,content, and humor!

    I love the fact that you find the most interesting facts and share them. I only ask that you continue>

    Have a wonderful 25th b'day!!

  5. Little Miss Knobody said:

    Happy Birthday Day!!

    I’ll hit 25 this summer. I can’t remember exactly how I ran across your blog, but I love it. I come back because you’re hilarious!

    Enjoy your birthday! (captcha: nogro)

  6. Lina: Ah, yes I remember quite well. Second question: Ooh, good one! Answer forthcoming!

    thehoustongirl: Girl, don’t you hate when that happens! You just have to overrule what the country is trying to celebrate so they understand it’s all about YOU!

    Chanel: OMG you seriously made my day! I will continue to blog as often as I can. Ooh, another hubby question! I smell a blog coming on!

    ChocolateOrchid: I remember, it was a DivaCup type blog right? Thank you again for all your support : – )

    LMK: I think I found your blog from…Basshead Jazz (I always mix his name up). That’s how I found Vesper too. Thank you doll!

  7. vesperinlimbo said:

    1. I actually can’t remember if I found you or if you found me….but I was instantly hooked.

    2. I keep coming back because I feel we have an affinity in some areas of our lives, I like your personality and your sense of humour, and I like your interests and outlook on life. And lots lots more!

  8. vesperinlimbo said:

    Oh and I think I’ve told you two or three times already….but…

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! xooxoxoxox

  9. Bloggal said:

    happy birthday unicorn princess!

    let’s see…i think i found your blog through kb. and i will never forget it cause it was the day you posted that video with that crazy eyed dog lookin like he was in pain since he couldn’t eat those cocaine-laced cupcakes.

    and i have a few questions:

    i did the big chop about 6 months ago. i’ve been wearing weaves/braids until my hair got to a manageable non-Chia length. i think i’m about ready to wear it out now so i wanted to know what natural hair products are your faves?

    allllso, what made you decide to become vegan? how expensive is it to keep up the lifestyle? and how long have you been at it? i’m considering eliminating all meat and dairy from my life as well.

    my bad for all the questions lol. but once again, happy 25th birthday baby! hope you had fun dranking and stanky leggin everytime you got a strike!

  10. Alicia/InstantVintage said:

    Happy Birfday lovie!!!

    Umm, I found you from clicking on a blog comment over at Chocolate Orchid’s…I think. LOL. And we’re kin in some other dimension. That’s why I come back.

    And my question is have you ever done the jerk and if so, how does one do it? I have no idea.

  11. Desiree said:

    Happy late birthday!

    I found you from and I keep reading cuz you’re so funny! I like anything and anyone that get a belly laugh out of me. 😉

    Question: How long did you and your husband date before you got married? How long have you been married? Do you wish you had waited or that you had done it sooner?

  12. karrie b. said:

    happy berfday, AGAINNNN

    i didnt find you, you found ME, and im not sure how.

    i know we knew eachother, in our past lives is why i keep coming back. plus, you’re my beige partner in crime. its the only reason i put up with your ish on a daily…


  13. augusta said:

    happy belated birthday!!

    i dont remember how i found your blog, it was probably through some hair blog or something.
    what keeps me coming back is your vaired topics. i’d like to see more posts on songs/groups you listened to in the 90s and book recomendations.

  14. Anonymous said:

    a lovely blog. dS

  15. Happy Birthday! (late, i know). I just discovered your blog from the rock solid regimen BGLH. I was taken by the inspiration you felt when you saw the women with the long natural braid. Today is my first day reading your blog so I don’t have any questions or anything, but good luck with everything and many blessings this year!

  16. The Notorious Z.A.G. said:

    Happy Belated Birfdaaay!!
    I will be following you from now on…your unicorn post was HILARIOUS!

  17. Thanks guyyyyssss! New blog coming soon with the answers to the questions.

  18. cjbrownsc said:

    Happy late birtyday!!!

    I read the interview that you did on BGLH and instantly fell in love with your humor and your comment about the lady on the lightrail. I will be following you from now on!

  19. MzMargo said:

    Happy Birthday (late) I found your blog the other day from the biracial site. You are so Charming and I get a kick out of the way you write.It keeps me young. I am old enough to be your Grandmother ( a young one though LOL) I see myself as the salt and pepper woman on the lightrail. I am 6 months natural after 40 years of relaxers. Free at last..I havev’t done the BC yet but will in a year when I return to the Virgin Islands.

    Question: Where do you see yourself at age 52? Claim it, I would love to read it..
    Namaste..Funny Lady..

  20. Thank you for stopping by, CJ! I hope to read more from you.

    Margo: Wow, are you from the Virgin Islands? One of my brothers-in-law is from Nevis(?) Hmmm…52, I def. see myself as the long, thick-haired salt-n-pepper lady. Will hopefully have had several countries and cities visited under my belt (I THIRST for travel), and enjoying the fruits of my labor which I hope includes 1-3 kids. Just a fresh, bohemian, hot 52 year old woman! 52 is not old at all (my mother turns 50 next month) so I'll still have PLENTY to look forward to! Thank you for reading and I will visit your blog if you have one.

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