My existence is a life-long treasure hunt.

Hey, bloggies! Man, I have been swamped with work and school. I want to share with you what I’m researching for my classes. In one class (Sociology of Law), I am writing a paper on media coverage on women who have been sentenced to death over the last 20 or so years and whether the focus goes more to women who have harmed their children vs. women who were convicted of other crimes. I will compare the coverage of women who harmed their children with the actual proportion of cases like these to see if the media is reinforcing and maintaining the motherhood ideal that society perpetuates (20 pages minimum). In my Quantitative Methods class, I am doing a research proposal on bi/multi-racial students and how they identify racially in different groups (whether a black-and-white student will identify as black, white, or mixed); 35 pages. In my Qualitative Methods class, I have interviewed 10 interracial couples on their experiences. I audio-recorded the interviews, am transcribing each one verbatim, and will write up my analysis in a journal-style paper (30-40 pages). I am overwhelmed but also excited about the research I am doing. Every semester brings me closer to my Masters degree and future. I told you all of this so you won’t think I’ve abandoned you. I wanted to at least do a peace offering of a Suggest-A-Song Monday post, lol.

Welcome back to Suggest A Song Monday. First, I want to give shout-outs to all who participated last week (2 weeks ago?). Responses are forthcoming for those; I haven’t forgotten!

Here are the rules: I suggest a song that I love and that I think you would love. You listen to it. Tell me what you think in the comments. Then, you also recommend one song to me and I will listen to it and tell you what I think. You don’t have to limit yourself to a particular genre, just any one song that you love.

Today, we have Emeraldine by Corinne Bailey Rae. I love the dreamy, wintry springtime blossoming feel this song has. Very mellow. I have been missing her musical presence; I hope we hear something from her soon. She has understandably been very quiet since her husband died.

Emeraldine – Corinne Bailey Rae

I awake to the drip-drop of icicles/Melting outside my window/Everything was new/I had noticed a bird and seen/Cherry blossom/Was falling like confetti/What is happenin’ to me these days?/(Chorus) I…I got intuition/Oh, I…I had my suspicions/I’m in love with you/It feels like springtime//Emeraldine, apple seed, olive green, intense/Colors unfurl like petals in a time-lapse sequence/Feels like something in embryo/My heart melts like 2 inches of snow in April’s glow/What’s this urgency?/What’s this heat I’m feelin’?/Could I say I’m dreamin’?/Do I change my ways?/What is happenin’ to me these days?/Chorus//


Comments on: "Suggest A Song Monday-Emeraldine" (8)

  1. OMG…Emeraldine is my joint…its one of the smoothest songs I’ve heard…we have very similar tastes in music…

    In return I give you J*Davey’s Enterception. No words, but its hella smooth too.

  2. mrs. mary mack said:

    Too bad you’re death research isn’t for women sentenced to death in the last 30 years. Although she didn’t harm her own child, my grandmother goes down in the books as one of America’s few female mass murderers…sad but true! LOL

    As a “mutt” I’ll also give you my opinion on that one too. I identify with all my races when convenient, but black on the everyday. LOL

    I’ll slap Quantitative Methods for you- I ended up having to take that damn class twice.

    Song-Daily Bread- Martin Luther. This song just makes me smile.

  3. ChocolateOrchid said:

    Hey Lady! Just wanted to say ,”Hello”. All of your research sounds so extensive (and exciting). Wish you the best.

    Sorry, I suck. Today I have no song contribution.

  4. karrie b. said:

    me and J just listened to it! we love it! he tried to jack it but it seems you’re one of the only bloggers who has this exclusive track. good shit pixie twin. i think he just emailed you about it.

    then he molested me :-/


  5. I love Corinne Bailey Rae. I miss her!! She should come back

    I suggest House of Cards by Radiohead. Just a great song all around 🙂

  6. La Maravilla said:

    I’m at work so I can’t listen 😦 ghetto ass cheap dell doesn’t have speakers…
    But I’m sure I will love it, I always love the songs you pick. My suggestion today is “You and Me” by Lifehouse. The lead singers voice is amazing and the lyrics are so heartfelt and sweet *changes panties* I LOVE THIS SONG!!!!!

  7. Violeta said:

    I really like your blog, Im trying to listen to this song but my computer is being ridiculously slow. Congrats on your research, I have a friend who’s actually researching identification and biracial identity and biracial marriage. She’s using a lot of Blau’s work. Anyway, plan to visit your page again, especially if I can get my comp to play this song…take care!

  8. I know I am months late, but this song is so beautiful! I love Corinne Bailey Rae. I have Like A Star, but not the one with this song on it. Thanks for posting this.

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