My existence is a life-long treasure hunt.

I had a special request from Doc Brown to feature SWV, so that’s what we’re visiting today. Even though only 1.3 out of 3 members sang, everyone loved-did them some SWV. Coko and those fanga-nails…lawd. I picked a favorite song from each album:


Red lipstick, check. Camouflage, check. Industrial/elevator/shadowy setting, check. Velociraptor fingernails, check. I used to sing my little pre-pre-teen heart over this, lol. And I know many of y’all did too; don’t front!

Use Your Heart

Apparently, this is a Neptunes production and Pharrell wrote the song! He was on so much 90s stuff that I had no clue! Anyhoo, I loved Taj’s voice on this song. It was almost like hearing the Grim Reaper’s voice because you would only hear Coko sing, so it was a surprise.


I still like this song even with P. Diddy douching up the song flying around in a helicopter for no reason. Motha****** are you even licensed?!

What were your favorite SWV songs?


Comments on: "I Love the 90s Friday:SWV" (9)

  1. Favorites: Weak, Anything Remix and Right Here.Nice Little TMI: My cousins and I sang Weak on video at my 11th birthday party= Nice fat FAIL.

  2. ChocolateOrchid said:

    My SWV favorites are Weak and Rain.

  3. Alicia/InstantVintage said:

    I miss them. So much.

  4. use your heartraincan we (get kinky tonight)right here (huuman nature mix)your the onep.s. check out swv-anything ….major fanga-nailage in this vid,lol

  5. lol love those up-do’s in the second vid. PSH diddy… ANYWAYS…

  6. karrie b. said:

    anything remix, can we get kinky tonight, rain on me, use your heart…ugh. what blows is that they could REALLY sang.but coco & them nails?nawl.-kb

  7. Lina: I need to see video of this STAT.All’o’yall: I love the ‘Anything’ remix but Blogger was moving too slow so I made do with these 3.Chanel: I was going to mention the up-dos, lmao!KB:Do you remember the Can We video? One of them (Taj I think) was super-crunk for no reason in the video. Like, she was just having a great time.

  8. Jennifer said:

    I can go the rest of my life and never hear “Weak” again. Y’all Negroes ruined that damn song for me. RUINED! But I just rediscovered “Downtown” and “Blak Pudd’n”, which I can’t get out of my head. And “Can We” is ridiculously hot.I LOLed @ your comment about Taj. Her vocals on “It’s All About U” are cold as hell! I think she would’ve made the better singer on “Someone”.

  9. I’m a Neptunes Stan and ‘Use Your Heart’ was their big break…sounds nothing like them now…SWV was always one of my favorite groups

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