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3-D Street Art

I originally saw these months ago and am still amazed by the concept. It is crazy what one can do with his/her passion when he/she really lets go and dives into it. Julian Beever creates these 3-dimensional street drawings out of chalk. I am a huge fan of trompe-l’oeil art so I could look at this type of work all day and be fascinated.


Comments on: "3-D Street Art" (7)

  1. Little Miss Knobody said:

    This is so awesome…

  2. ChocolateOrchid said:

    Wow! These are almost hypnotic!

  3. Alicia/InstantVintage said:

    I absolutely love these. Amazing work.

  4. Hmmm, now we’re twins. I get it! As far as the 3-D art of this artist…. it’s mind boggling! I’ve been so impressed by this artist for a couple of years now, and my mind still can’t believe it. I’m just… “SPLAT!!!” …that was my brain dripping out of my ears….sorry!

  5. If you guys haven’t already, click the link for his website…he has done tons of them!Marlo: How are we twins? Or do you mean the chalk twin drawing? I’m slow. His art IS mind-boggling! Also amazing: On his website you can see some of them from the wrong angle and then they look so out of whack. Don’t apologize for the brain spillage, lol.

  6. twins, as in we have the identical background color and similar layout, but yours changes so our twin status is only temporary! LOL OMG, my verification word is: phati

  7. its amazing to me that these pieces of art are chalk! if i was capable of creating this i probably wouldn’t want people walking on it or the rain destroying it lol

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