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Comments on: "Esthero" (7)

  1. FunkyHeadHunter said:

    I absolutely love her!!!!!! Thanks for exposing others to that fabulous pixie.

  2. Glad you’re feeling better! Esthero is definitely one of my favorites, especially her ‘Breath From Another’ Album. It stays on my rotation, or actually has since 1998 without fail. if you play that album today, it sounds like it was made tomorrow; that’s how revolutionary it was in the trip-hop-chilly-jazz-electro-pop world. She was a true trail blazer…

  3. vesperinlimbo said:

    I really like *I Drive Alone*. I think it was on one of *The L Word* soundtracks, but I can’t remember which season.

  4. I love her whole vibe, thanks for posting her songs, I was too lazy to find them myself!

  5. FHH: No problem; we have to get the word out!M: You are so right, it does sound as if it were made tomorrow! I love that line.Vesper: It is on the L Word Soundtack. I’m making my way through Season 1 via Netflix so I haven’t seen that scene featuring I Drive Alone yet, but I heard it’s pretty powerful.FlyGirl: No problem! I love the songs I posted. Did you like any in particular?

  6. Alicia/InstantVintage said:

    She is amazeballs dude.

  7. Real talk.

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