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I am adding Esperanza Spalding to my Natural Hair Inspiration Hall of Fame (can be viewed on the sidebar). For my previous post on Esperanza, click here. Also, click here for the best article I have read on her so far. To sum it up, Esperanza is a singer (in English and Spanish), song-writer, composer, bass-player, and professor of music. She is a formidable talent. Look up her songs Espera, I Know You Know, and Precious. If you like those, check out her whole music catalog; she is very smooth.

Comments on: "Natural Hair Inspiration-Esperanza Spalding" (4)

  1. ChocolateOrchid said:

    I so love her hair! And her music!She is incredibly talented.

  2. She is; I am amazed by her talent.

  3. Get Togetha said:

    I am so impressed by Esperanza. She seems to be very beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside…I have her album on permanent rotation…GT

  4. She also sings in Portuguese!

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