My existence is a life-long treasure hunt.

En Vogue set the bar really high for girl groups. Each member sang beautifully and they were all glamoured up in their videos. I still love all the songs (and videos!) featured here today.

Hold On

Here we have a video that is 90s to its core. Raw emotion, random shirtless dudes dancing and tattered rags wearing men voguing, singers dancing funky, red lipstick, teased hair, camera zoom-ins for no reason, etc. This song didn’t feature Dawn as much as the later ones did; and I liked hearing the other singers. Love (and lol at) the 90s dance choreography for: Don’t waste your time, fighting lies…fight that thought, of despair.

Don’t Let Go

Here is a song that you should see me sing in my car (actually, you probably shouldn’t.) A mess. A total mess. I can only imagine the raw emotion on my face as I switch lanes on the freeway with this song on. I thought they all looked pretty in this video. I actually don’t remember the movie version of the video (from Set It Off) but anything is better than the Mekhi Phifer version.

My Lovin’ (You’re Never Gonna Get It)

Another song you should never, ever see me sing. ESPECIALLY the talking parts. “I give to the needy…and not the greedy! Mm-hmm that’s right! Cause you see baby…when you LOCKIN, ya LOSIN!….AND I’M OUT THE DOOR!” Also: “And now it’s time for a breakdown. Never gonna get, never gonna get it (times 4) WOO-WOO-WOO-WOOOOO!“…Okay, I’m done. The video is chock full of sparkles, curly-fry wigs, full bodysuits, and zesty men dancing and doing cheerleader jumps. The video kind of freaked me out for some reason. When the woman slaps down the man at the 2:34 (I think) mark, I remember feeling like I witnessed a murder or something…I don’t know, that part always messed with me.

Giving Him Something He Can Feel
Giving Him Something He Can Feel By En Vogue

This song was a cover, but Dawn and’nem did it so beautifully. Of course the video was glamour times 100. The slinky red dresses, the swoop hair, the male audience. Great visuals (the red dresses against the blue curtains).

I heard word on the street is that they’re doing a reunion, but who isn’t? Call me when their record is available to preview on Itunes. Until then, I will refer to the 90s, thanks. Leave your favorite En Vogue songs/memories in the comments!


Comments on: "I Love the 90s Friday: En Vogue" (4)

  1. Alicia/InstantVintage said:


  2. I take it you’re an En Vogue fan. Lol.

  3. As always I like your 90’s tribute! I’ve been so stuck on the 80’s and everything about It lately, until I basically forgot the 90’s existed, but you reminded me. Thanks Boho Bookie!

  4. No prob, Marlo. I love your profile pics!

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