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I still like this song, lol. If this video isn’t the apex of 90s style, I don’t know what is. The swing sets, the denim, the locket…lawd. Anyhoo I have always loved her voice. She should have been much more successful than she was. Does anyone remember when she had a semi-comeback in 1999/2000 with It’s All About You (Not About Me) and You’re Still in My Heart? I actually liked both of those songs and videos. I thought the latter was kind of random with her lover sleeping with her on the beach and then kissing her goodbye to go surf and then presumably getting eaten by a giant octopus or something, but I still liked it. Apparently she is focusing on modeling and acting more now but I wouldn’t mind hearing some new material from her.


Comments on: "I Love the 90s Friday: Tracie Spencer" (7)

  1. mrs. mary mack said:

    I used to love Tracie Spencer and everybody laughed at me for it. I had a friend in college who looked just like her and I had the habit of reminding her so much that it got on her nerves. LOL

  2. Little Miss Nobody said:

    That’s so weird because I was just listening to this song last night! I love it!

  3. MMM: I know, why wasn’t she taken seriously? I thought she was very talented.LMN: Even though it’s SO 90s, it’s also still kinda timeless.

  4. ChocolateOrchid said:

    Oh wow! I did love her music! I don’t get why she didn’t get further either. I wondered what she was up to. Do you know what work ,in particular, in acting and modeling that she’s done so far?Taking me back.

  5. CO: She hasn’t done/been in anything major from what I read on her Wiki…just independent projects and the like.

  6. Wow, I came out of high school in 1992 and this song and video strikes a huge chord with me! I soooo remember wanting her to be my girlfriend, and those late night/all night high school phone flirt fest conversations! pretending to be as smooth as ‘Al B Sure’, while dating Tracy Spencer. This video with all the slow motion, and extra-extra emotion and sultry melancholy behavior is sooo 90’s. I love it. thanks for posting it.

  7. Lol @ Al B Sure. You are so right about those 90s video characteristics, you gotta love the over-emoting.

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