My existence is a life-long treasure hunt.

Any New Year plans, resolutions, goals, etc.? I hope to exude more confidence, stop procrastinating, and manage my finances more responsibly. I plan to travel to Detroit and hopefully San Antonio, time will tell the rest. I hope to get some new furniture this year. I hope to take some fierce pictures for my 25th birthday (coming this Memorial Day). I hope to begin my thesis. Tell me your hopes for 2009 in the comments!


Comments on: "Have a Magical New Year…YOU CAN DO IIIIT!" (8)

  1. vesperinlimbo said:

    Happy New Year…and I love your new template!!!

  2. Happy New Year!

  3. Thank you Vesper, and the same to both of you ladies!

  4. karrie b. said:

    i just plan on not talking about all the things i plan to do, and actually get shit done. i hate when all ppl do is talk about what theyre gonna do. anyway, happy new year!-kb

  5. I only state aloud the stuff I know I can get done in small increments and see visible results. Like wear more round-toe heels; I know I can do it!

  6. I will definitely eat more Edwards Key Lime pie this year, gotta eat it frozen though!! (I’m so addicted). I will try my best to stop writing comments on blogs at 2:30am (be lose with me on this one please). I will make my own videos and put them on ‘The Pill’ very soon 🙂 see… reachable!!

  7. ChocolateOrchid said:

    I look forward to taking up Yoga and taking a raw foods class among a few other things.I sure hope you post a pic. of you and your heels! lol!

  8. Marlo: Lol, loving the Key Lime Pie resolution. Nothing wrong with leaving late comments and I can’t wait to see your videos.CO: Ooh, yoga. One day (when I’m done with school probably) I can pursue this. The raw foods class sounds exciting.

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