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Purple Squirrel

I’m on a bit of an animal blogging kick today, in case you haven’t noticed. Anyhoo, overseas in Hampshire, people have been spotting this awesome, magical purple squirrel.

Nobody knows how the squirrel became purple. People from the school that the purple squirrel visits say that he was more blue at first. Experts think the squirrel has probably been ingesting dye from old printer or toner cartridges in a building storing old computers.

Peeped at Daily Mail via Dlisted.

Sidebar: I remember one year when I was visiting family in Detroit during the winter, this black cat-rat-that ain’t no damn puppy-hybrid ran across the road and I freaked the hell out. That day I learned that black squirrels exist also. Blew my mind, I tell you. The ones I saw were way bigger than an average squirrel and they had these long curly tails…something ain’t right up there.


Comments on: "Purple Squirrel" (2)

  1. lmao. yeah we call them ‘city squirrels.’lmao.i had to take a pic of one once cause my friend in atl didn’t believe me. hahaha.but a purple one… wow. lol.

  2. Lol, I was really trippin’ the whole time that trip…I was like that is not a squirrel, I don’t care what ya’ll say! Then of course they jumped on me for saying ya’ll.Muze will you be in Detroit next May-June? I’ll be there to attend my sister’s high school graduation and my brother’s college graduation.

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