My existence is a life-long treasure hunt.

Colors inspire me. Colors make me happy. I like to play with color combos and see what the result is. Today I went with a palate of red, blue, and purple with dashes of pink and green for a tiny bit of accent.

Red sweater, blue camisole (underneath), purple scarf (with pink), multi-color necklace (blue, green, purple, pink), blue earrings, blue dress socks, purple pumps. Oh, and yes I sit like that a lot because I am short! Don’t hate. Here, have a little more red-blue-purple inspiration:

Red, Blue, Purple by Bohemian Bookworm


Comments on: "Today’s Colors: Red, Blue, Purple" (6)

  1. LOVE the shoes 🙂

  2. Bohemian Bookworm said:

    Thank you! They were killing me by the end of the day though…definitely sitting shoes (not walking shoes).

  3. Vesper de Vil said:

    Thanks for the add! I’m adding you to my blogroll. 🙂

  4. Nice cubicle! Oh, and yes the pictures too, and the colors and textiles 🙂

  5. OOh! These colors make me happy too. And those shoes are hot.

  6. Bohemian Bookworm said:

    Marlo: It’s actually a full office, not a cubicle…it is divided down the middle though. Thank you!Fly Girl: Thank you! Hot shoes are often painful shoes, I find.

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