My existence is a life-long treasure hunt.

Dedicated to Bubelah…

Wild Is the Wind

wild is the wind – Amel Larrieux
Love me, love me, say you do/Let me fly away with you/For my love is like the wind/And wild is the wind/Give me more than one caress/Satisfy this hungriness/Let the wind blow through your heart/And wild is the wind/You touch me/And I hear the sound of mandolins/You kiss me/And with your kiss my life begins/You’re spring to me/All things to me/You’re life itself/Like a leaf clings to a tree/Oh, my darling, cling to me/For we’re creatures of the wind/And wild is the wind

I Like the Sunrise

i like the sunrise – Amel Larrieux

I like the sunrise/Cause it brings a new day/I like the new day/It brings new hope, they say/I like the sunrise/Blazing in the new sky/Nighttime is weary/Oh, so am I/Every evening I wish upon a star/That my brand new tomorrow is not very far/When that heavy blue curtain of night/Is raised up high/Way out of sight/I like the sunrise/So heavenly to see/I like the sunrise/And I hope it likes poor me/I like the sunrise/Here comes the sunrise…/And I hope it likes poor me


Comments on: "Giving Something Up-Amel Larrieux Renditions" (2)

  1. i LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE amel. on facebook my lil space below my picture reads: "i like the sunrise"😀 can't wait to see her sing live!love&naps

  2. Bohemian Bookworm said:

    I have been DYING to see her sing live. One day, one day. Thank you for visiting!

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