My existence is a life-long treasure hunt.


I read this online article yesterday that lists common interpretations of dreams. Since I was a child, I constantly have had nightmares about spiders or snakes (and sometimes other bugs), mainly spiders, and often wake up screaming because I think they are physically in my bed or on the wall by the bed, etc. Here is what that article had to say:

Bugs in our dreams—ants, spiders, moths, gnats, flies—could mean a number of things.
Miller says bugs are an indication that a “disgustingly revolting complication” will arise in your daily life.
Dream Moods takes bugs more literally, as in something is bugging you. To dream of bugs suggests you are worried about something and are filled with anxieties and fears.
A third interpretation is the bugs may represent your sexual thoughts.

Muy interesante….so have disgustingly revolting complications risen in my daily life since childhood? Has something (or many somethings) been bothering me my whole life? The sexual interpretation is very vague; so I have no idea where to go with that one. They kind of dropped the ball on that one. Anyhoo, I have always wondered why I have these recurring dreams/nightmares that date back to childhood…maybe I’ll know one day.


Comments on: "Dreams" (2)

  1. A post about dreams?? use of spanish in said post about dreams?? This sounds so familiar! lol I did a comparable post yesterday.I’ve been wondering about dream interpretation myself. Those dreams can really make ya think.

  2. Brothers Blog said:

    I never understood how they can interpret a dream. And when they do it’s so opposite of what you would think. Like how can bugs= sexual thoughts? Would you have sex in a bed full of bugs, I highly doubt it. I never remember any of my dreams though. But when I do they’re always weird as hell. lol.

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