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Freak Like Me-Adina Howard

Okay, I remember jammin hard to this (still do–thanks Yahoo Radio!) and I think I was like 10 or 11 when this came out. If my mother is reading this, I didn’t grow up to be a hoochie! Dudes, those corn-chip fingernails on the passenger side of the car…..the shiny clothes, the house party. Don’t fight the jam. Just don’t do it.


I was 9 or 10 when this one came out. I remember how graphic the video seemed to me back then (LOL). I wonder what those women are doing with their lives now. Will they show their children/grandchildren this classic piece of art? Anyhoo, yeah this song jammed too. Did you know Pharrell wrote the verse that Teddy Riley did on this song? I didn’t! Have a magical Friday!


Comments on: "I Love the 90s Friday: Double the Freaks!" (1)

  1. wow. pharell was writing verses way back then? dang.and wow @ you taking it back to freak like me.that was the JAM. though i used to get in trouble for listening too.haha.i got your fotki msg and i am on my way!hope your weekend is wonderful!

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