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Diary of a Dying Mom

I had been following the blog Diary of a Dying Mom for the last few months. Michelle, the author, was diagnosed with scleroderma and chronicled her life including essays about people she knew and loved, her daily struggle with the disease, triumps and setbacks regarding medications and feeding tubes, buying future birthday gifts and cards for her kids, talking to them about death, and many other topics. She died October 11th, her 11th wedding anniversary. Her last post was October 9th and she knew at that time that death was imminent. I think for people looking for inspiration about daily life or examples of perserverance and optimism through difficult times and situations will find it on this blog.


Comments on: "Diary of a Dying Mom" (2)

  1. Motorcycle Fairings said:

    i’m sad of what’s happening to her!

  2. Get Togetha said:

    Life is short and not to be played with. You can’t take anything for granted cause none of us knows our expiration date. Real Talk.GT

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