My existence is a life-long treasure hunt.

*I forgot to note that Friday night, as well as every night we were in the Bahamas, there was lightning. One night there was just silent, cloud lightning that we watched from the hotel beach (possibly a liiiiiiiiittle unsafe).

Saturday morning, we rose and stretched and I looked out the window at the activity below.

View from hotel window

We walked down Bay Street and ate breakfast at Cafe’ Skans (I couldn’t find a good link to this place). ZOMG, this place had the Best. Strawberry. Pancakes. Ever. I don’t even like pancakes but unicorns and rainbows and sparkles happened when I ate these pancakes.

*Unicorns, rainbows, and sparkles not pictured.

We then joined other members of our family on a ferry cruise to Rose Island. On the way there (and while we were there) we could see beautiful Sandy Cay, or Honeymoon Island. Before we got to Rose Island, some of the boat passengers went snorkeling, including my younger sister and I.

I am the snorkeler right above the person nearest the bottom of the picture.

It was too big of a group to get individual help and guidance, so after almost drowning (in my mind, but really just swallowing some water) I made my way back to the boat. Once the ferry stopped at Rose Island, much merriment ensued. Frolicking in the water, and banana boating were the main highlights.

Back at the hotel, despite my futile and desperate efforts at applying SPF-frickin-55 sunblock, I realized that I had what you young folks like to call the sunburn. Not a severe case, but enough to cause my melodramatic self to proclaim that the stage had been set for skin cancer.

We ate dinner right across from the hotel, at Conch Fritters Bar and Grill. We sat by the window much to my people-watching delight. During the course of the evening, there were a lot of police officers on the street, one of them carrying some sort of assault weapon. I wanted to get a picture, but my husband and I had really over-the-top dramatic visions of the police officer then crashing through the glass of the window at the restaurant and gunning us down. Yes, this is how we entertain ourselves.

At my younger sister and cousin’s request, the four of us took a taxi over to Atlantis on Paradise Island to walk around. The opulence at the Atlantis is insane. The drunk teenagers we saw were insane. The fake boobs tra-la-la-ing around the casino were insane. The high-end retail stores were insane. The SIZE of the Atlantis is insane. Did any of this stop us from returning there the upcoming Monday? No, it didn’t. Shut up.

On our way back, nature treated us to more silent lightning. The Bahamas treated us to a taxicab driver whose dilapidated taxi-van was for whatever reason tricked out with TVs that seemed to only run two rap videos on a continuous loop. I also saw a gem of a sign on the way back that said ‘Protect Your Tings. Use A Rubber At All Times’ or something to that effect. Oh, how I wish I had gotten a picture of that. I feel like I missed capturing a Pokemon or something.


Comments on: "Notes From Bahamas Trip-Saturday" (3)

  1. wow. looks like you had a lot of fun.oh, the jealousy. lol.those strawberry pancakes DO look good though. lol.lmao @ the things not pictured. lol.

  2. So, I went to Nassau last month for a funeral, but passed the Protect Ya Tings sign, myself. I, however was lucky enough to get a pic. When all of the "tech stars" align, I will be happy to send you the picture.

  3. Sheena: *GASP!* Pleeease send me the picture of that sign:, thank you! I'm sorry to hear about the funeral. Are you from there?

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