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Wow. Two Roma/Gypsy girls drowned in Italy, and their bodies were covered with towels, waiting for police collection. Italian beach-goers were photographed going about their own beachy-business; indifferent to the CORPSES LAYING RIGHT THERE! There is apparantly tension between Italians and the Roma/Gypsy minorities (many who are illegal immigrants).

How does this even work though? Even if some Italians hate Gypsies, how did they know that those bodies were Gypsy girls? Or did they just not care either way and refused to let dead bodies interrupt their merry day?! Did the Italians go up and look under the towel and said Gypsies! Bah! And then go back to sun-bathing? Did they sun-bathe and someone informed them that there were dead Gypsies? My mind is boggled. What hurts more than random sunbathers/onlookers is the fact that the bodies weren’t at least cordoned off in some fashion—this part is where thoughts of racism/discrimination really seep in.
Here is an interesting excerpt from the events:
In a statement published on its Web site, the Italian civil liberties group EveryOne said Saturday’s drowning had occurred in an atmosphere of “racism and horror” and cast doubt on the reported version of events, suggesting that it appeared unusual for the four girls to wade into the sea, apparently casting modesty aside and despite being unable to swim.
“The most shocking aspect of all this is the attitude of the people on the beach,” the statement said. “No one appears the slightest upset at the sight and presence of the children’s dead bodies on the beach: they carry on swimming, sunbathing, sipping soft drinks and chatting.”
Click here for the full article from CNN.

Comments on: "Indifference Is One of the Worst Forms of Cruelty" (3)

  1. Oh dear. This is so horrible and disrespectful, those poor girls.I’ve seen an identical photo on the beach of the island of Malta, with Africans trying to make it to Europe by boat. It is heartbreaking how people are so indifferent to each other.

  2. I know. I posted something a few weeks ago about some West African children that died in a boat trying to make it to Spain. We might be talking about the same thing.

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